Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just...Let's Skip Over To Tomorrow. Okay?

There. That's the latch to the hen house and the rooster door-knocker just in case we ever want to knock on the door to alert the chickens that we are about to come in.
Kathleen gave us the door knocker and the latch was the original one, I believe, on that door which came from that old barn-looking thing on our property that you see in some of my pictures.
Shutting the chickens up tonight was the most productive thing I did all day long unless you count the 47 seconds I spent super-gluing the soles of my slippers which had come partially separated from the slippers themselves.
And I felt fine. Just fine. It wasn't that. I picked up a barrow-full of fallen sticks and branches and hauled them to the burn pile and was just getting started with more of the trimming and had all of the frozen banana stalks in the Rubber Maid cart on my way to the place where I dump them and the damn little cap ("healing abutment") which is supposed to cover my implant post just came right out.

 (Looks surgical, doesn't it?) 

It's a little screw thing with a head about the size of a smallish earring and I knew the damn thing wasn't flush agains my gum but for some reason, just have not been worried about it although when it suddenly came loose and was rattling around in my mouth, it felt as if I had known it was about to happen and wasn't really shocked at all.
I guess all of those tooth-falling out dreams have prepared me. In fact, I wondered vaguely if this, too was a dream but since I haven't woken up yet, I guess not.
I called the dental office to get the number of someone I could talk to about it and yes, they give out the Dr.'s cell phone number which I called and I left a very sane message telling what had happened and that I did not think it was an emergency but that I would like to speak to him about it.
That was about five hours ago and no, he hasn't called back and of course I gave the land line as the number to call because my cell phone does not get phone reception in the house and so I've been stuck in the house all day which is ridiculous.
After intense (haha!) research on the internet, it would seem that this is not a big deal and that they can just screw it back in but shit...I would like to get confirmation on that.
It doesn't hurt or anything.

So. I've been doing what I hear that many normal people do on a gray day in fall which is to sit on the couch and knit and watch old movies. Maurice has kept me company.

Well, if you can call something about as inert as my ball of yarn "company."
At least she breathes. 

The main movie I watched was "Something's Gotta Give" with the great Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Also, Kenau Reeves who proves to be less of a suckified actor than we think he is and Jack and Diane (haha!) do their thing with their expected charm and ability. Say what you will about Jack, he's a world-class woman's ass-grabber. At least on screen. And Francis McDormand is in it so you know it's a good movie. 
It's watchable. 
And so I watched it. And it had its tender moments. 

Here's another thing I want to talk about- verification words on our blogs. I was so happy with the numbers. The numbers were easy. Which was wonderful. And now suddenly, the damn WORDS are back. One of them is always extremely readable. The other one looks like it was made of spaghetti and squids. Like, it's not eyesight you need to be able to copy it but psychic powers. I keep hitting that little circle thing to get something different and it does not get better. I finally just throw caution to the winds and type what I think it might possibly say and I am frequently wrong. Sometimes I do the audio option but the last time I tried that, there was so much static in the background of the recording that a damn bat couldn't have figured it out. Either that or I need a hearing aid and I am not discounting that possibility. 

Okay. Just one of those days. A gray, not-bad, not-good day. A wet-cold but not really very cold day. A no-sun but no-rain either day. 

I should have gone to town and gotten a tattoo. 
Instead, I didn't. 

May tomorrow bring something different. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yikes. Your tooth thingy will be ok. It's always on a fucking weekend these things decide to go down, isn't it?

    I tried that sound verification once, it was like a horror film soundtrack.

  2. I have 4 implants. $40k, my parents paid when I was a teen, no insurance-I had bone loss. Since then (Jesus! like almost 20 years), I've had only one time where my crown unscrewed off the post and I felt the sensation of what you did-something moving around in there-freaked me the fuck out. However, I hope it makes you feel better that I have had these almost 20 years, and no pain, no more bone loss, only one small inconvenience. Hang in there, Mary!

  3. That screw thing looks rather benign. I'm sure it's all going to be ok.

  4. Aaarrrrg. Dental things. Like wild animals in the house. Scary. Aaaaargh.
    Of course, don't worry. The Internet knows. I'm just a crazy idiot about some things.

  5. That was yesterday for me. Although I did get a little accomplished though not a great deal. Today was sunny and I would have liked to get out in it but it was my day to work at the antique store. My day of forced inactivity. I played solitaire and shelled pecans. Spoke to the occasional wanderer in.

  6. i'm gonna hope the bifocals assist me with the word verification process...

    can you screw the thingy back in yourself?


  7. I started crocheting a blanket last night and watching stand up comedy on Netflix because we finally have snow. Of course, this was after a day at the craft fair where i got inspired/felt guilty all at the same time. I should do more with my life.

  8. Jo- Yep. Almost always a weekend. I don't think it's a big deal.

    Ashley- Actually, yes, that does help. Thank you. And in twenty years I'll be dead so I'm expecting this one will be fine until then.

    Angella- Yes. It will be fine.

    Denise- It's just a place holder for the crown to come. So it'll be okay. But seriously- could anything be weirder?

    Ellen Abbott- You probably NEED a day of forced inactivity.

    Mrs. A- I can SEE the damn words just fine but is that two "n's" or an "m"? Etc. It's just ridiculous. And I think you need a special tiny tool to screw that sucker back in.

  9. I'm surprised the loss of that little tooth thing doesn't hurt, but thank goodness! I have a big inlay in one of my back teeth (which is admittedly not the same thing) and when it fell out a couple of years ago (also on a weekend!) it did not feel great.

    The word verification things are always such a nightmare. I never even knew there was an audio option, but I see that now! Maybe I'll try it some day when I'm feeling brave (and I'm not at work).

  10. I hate the word verification stuff. Often I have to redo it three times. The numbers were great and easy. Oh well...

    I hope you get the tooth thing fixed. I am blessed with great teeth. Another genetic thing that I got that's good. Along with the anti-alcohol gene. I am good with that.


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