Friday, November 21, 2014

Tucking In And All Is Well

Kitten still alive. She has pooped in the litter box. For some reason, I am taking this as a sign of great intelligence.

Boys are here and cuddled in the bed. We've had a good day.

I just apologized to Owen for it being cold in my bed.
"That's okay," he said. "I'm not mad. I could never get mad at my sweet Mer."

Aw Jesus.

It's not that cold. Really. And he's under three layers of covers. He'll be fine.

So shall we all be. You too, okay?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Okay, you too, hugs and kisses, sleep tight.

  2. Sweet dreams to all of you. I hope you get some sleep, you awesome caregiver of kitties and puppies (or boys).

  3. This is what you call a short but sweet post. I agree that pooping in the litter box must be a sign of intelligence. And Owen - man oh man.

  4. The box is a sign of acceptance --
    that kitten will likely civilize right up!

  5. Oh you've got another star in your heavenly crown for this. Orange cats are the best.

  6. ' i could never get mad at my sweet Mer '
    right there is a reason to live. one of the most comforting, beautiful things about human beings is being able to create this sense of complete security and love in our little people.

  7. Owen so clearly has love all around him. He sees it given and knows how to give it. Such sweetness here.

  8. I just love you and your sweet family brillian cats and all

  9. Big Mamabird- Thank you!

    Denise- We did indeed.

    Elizabeth- I did get SOME sleep. A nap will be in order today.

    Jill- Owen is precious. I swear.

    A- Your lips to the Animal Gods' ears.

    Allison- Lord. I hope so.

    Maggie May- These boys are SO loved and they know it and they show it.

    Angella- Exactly! They get love from everyone who knows them. Real, true love.

    SittinOnAPorch- Don't you want another cat, honey? Haha! Love you.

  10. Sounds like a nice time. Snuggling under blankets is a good thing.


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