Thursday, November 6, 2014

Warm And Sunny

Uh. That was the best meal I ever made. You should have been here.
Actually, no, I'm glad you weren't because Miss Greedy McGreedy Pants got to eat all of it herself.
Toast with bacon and a poached egg on top and that salad. I made enough salad for two people. After I finished my "serving" I said screw that and went and got the bowl with the other serving in it and ate every tiny leaf. I mean- when the opportunity to eat a salad of microgreens from your own damn garden arises, I say... eat all of it you can.
The chickens certainly agree with me.

That's what those bitches did in the garden while I was weeding. 
Bless their little hearts. 
My poor collards. 
Oh well. They will grow. Can you see all the reseeded zinnias which have volunteered from the volunteers? I don't have the heart to pull them. 

So- want buns of steel? Get on your knees and weed for four or five hours. I can barely move this morning. Of course, May and I WERE running a veritable restaurant all night long. Uh-huh. Don't ask me why but we were serving tons of meals to tons of people, cooking on an old cast-iron stove and I finally said, "Honey, if we're going to do this, we need to make a menu and stick to it," because people would ask for anything and we'd cook it. Lots of people wanted chicken tacos. A woman who used to be a friend of my mother's tried to help us and she made such a mess of it that we told her to go watch TV and just wait. To get out of our kitchen because that's not how we did things. 
I'm exhausted. 

But I better pull out of it because the boys are coming at 12:30 and will be here until 7:30. I hear that Gibson has a persistent cough but is otherwise fine and cheerful. We shall see how cheerful I am when 7:30 rolls around. Tomorrow I may lay in bed all day. 

In other important news, I did buy slippers the other day but I hate them and I'm going to take them back. I also bought a new ponytail palm and I love it and am not taking it back. 

That's my porch happiness table. Getting a little crowded. Nice metaphor. 

Good morning.


  1. Oh my, thanks for the happy. You made me want to eat a salad and look for my own metaphors today. I love yours, love your new plant, want to know what's to the left of it - a fern? It's mesmerizing. I also want to push the Buddha back a little though, my OCD is flaring on that :)
    I love that you can't pull the zinnia volunteers. I have the same issue, and my garden always ends up a happy mess. I also love that you can grow things now, when everything here is shutting down and turning brown.
    Thank you and Hank for the link on fb to the chicken men, that made me so very happy too.
    It's so nice to think of how often I'll be going back and forth soon for visits, with one of my babies basking in Florida sun all year round. :)

  2. It's high time I started a porch happiness table. YOurs is inspiring. As you are. Always. xoxo

  3. Is the buddha holding an egg? I love it.

  4. Love your happiness table :)

    Was told today that double blind taste tests revealed no real taste difference between watery looking battery eggs and free range orange eggs. I can't accept this as fact. I refuse.

  5. I love your new ponytail palm. My husband bought me one just like that the first year we were married, 37 yrs ago, and I know the thing is probably as tall as Mr Moon now. It's a pain in the ass to drag in & out each year but I love it like a family member.
    The lovely shrines and altars in your home that you share with us reveal so much about your spirit of beauty and love. Peace to you Mary.

  6. I see your Roseland vase on the table. :)

    If it's any consolation, I can't really tell from the photo that your collards have been nibbled.

  7. A crowded happiness table. I love what you did there! How you said it - you just snuck it right in at the end. This is why I read you. This is why I love you.

  8. Happiness tables are great for every room. We have several of those. The greens sound good!


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