Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just A Simple, Good Day In The Life Of An Old Person

I took this picture from the back seat of my car today as Jessie was driving us around. That's Hank, sitting there up front. It was my first time in the back seat of my own car and it was wonderful. For some reason, I always end up driving and I think that Jessie was more than happy to take over for me. I am not a bad driver but the older I get, the more cautious I become. Especially backing up. It can take me approximately five minutes to pull out of a parking space. This is an old person trait like becoming extremely interested in birds and saying things like, "All this music sounds the same to me." And yes, these things apply to me. A song came on the Muzak at a store where Jessie and I were and she said, "Is that Miley Cyrus?" and I said, "How the hell would I know?"

Anyway, we went to a place in Tallahassee for lunch called Pho Me and they serve...Pho. And other noodley things and it was delicious and we slurped and sipped and talked and laughed and it was a very good time. I love Pho. The warm, salty broth, the spices, the bowl of bean sprouts and fresh basil to add to the bowl. A little fish sauce, a little siracha, it's a heart and body warmer. I'm not the only one who likes it. There was a line out to the door and people waited patiently for their good soups.

We went to New Leaf to hug and kiss Billy and he gave me a present.

A ristra which was his Maw-Maw's and I think we bought it together in Monticello. I love it. The vibrant colors, the fact that it was Maw-Maw's. It makes me happy and whenever I look at it, it will remind me of her and of Billy both and that is a very, very good thing. 

Some shopping ensued and we took Hank home and then Jessie and I went on to the MALL. She is looking for jeans and it is so hard for her to find jeans long enough for her legs because they go on until next year. She found no jeans but we found sweaters. I got one at the Banana Republic, believe it or not, which was on major sale because it had a stain on the arm and it is as soft as a baby chick and she found some at Gap, also on sale, and we got coffee because of course you have go get coffee at the mall and it was fun.
Mostly it's just fun to be with my kids.

I love the fact that they want to do things with me. I love the fact that they can tell me things. I love the fact that they trust me with their hearts. I love the fact that they tell me I'm beautiful. I love the fact that we all make each other laugh. 

Well. You know all that already.

Tomorrow night the boys are spending the night and we shall see how that goes. I've bought them a pizza and carrots and oranges and I hope that I can keep them entertained. I will certainly miss having their grandfather around to help. 
Hell. I just miss their grandfather. He's coming home on Sunday unless he decides to leave me for some snow bunny up north and if that happens, this is going to become a very different sort of blog. 

Meanwhile, I saw the orange fuzzy kitten again this evening. Again- a quick streak of orange fluff. That is one strong kitten. I set out some more food mixed with chicken pot pie gravy and chicken and a little mashed up vegetables. I have no idea where this saga will end. 

I have sweet potatoes in the oven and arugula from the garden in the refrigerator. 

Another day in this life and it has been fine. I may have a face that looks like it's been grated but I really don't care at all. And people are so polite- no one has said a word. Well, except for Jessie and well she should have. Maybe I am starting to accept aging. Or maybe I'm just in complete and utter denial. 

How the hell should I know? (Repeating oneself is also a sign of aging. Yeah. Uh-huh. I'm so there.)

I'm going to go cook a pork chop. God forgive me. I'm really excited. 

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Who the fuck is designing for Gap these days? They got some ugly shit going on. And their new catch-phrase? Dress normal. 
No thanks. 
In fact, fashion this year is the Big Suck. Luckily, being an old person, I know that it will all come around again. Just hold on and soon enough, they'll all be making things that actual humans will want to wear once more. 

P.P.S. I washed the sweater. The stain came out. It is still as soft as a baby's hair. Almost.


  1. Top thoughts in a brain dump, because I'm too tired to form complete sentences.

    The Gap blows. What's going on with your face? I missed something. I love that you're feeding the kittens. I also feel like Mr Moon has been gone a long time. I wish I liked Pho. There's a place on my block that's supposed to be fabulous but it's just not my jam. I'll see my mom this weekend when I fly home tomorrow to find an apartment. Shit's getting real. I love you.

  2. SJ- I put that stuff on my face that's supposed to burn off pre-cancers. Obviously, my entire face is pre-cancerous.
    Mr. Moon will be home on Sunday. I think he misses his home.
    Shit is always getting real.
    Love you.

  3. My freakishly tall daughter gets jeans at The Buckle. They have amazing inseam lengths.

    This kitten saga is engrossing. I am serious.

  4. I miss Levis 501 button fly jeans that were available in the 70s. What the HELL has happened to jeans? I want jeans that are just below the navel and have straight legs. Do you think I can buy these? No.
    Good luck with the kitten(s).

  5. My cat is perched on me as I type this, right on my shoulder, like a parrot.
    The Gap has the best yoga pants, at least they did last year. They are thick and stretchy.
    Snow is busy melting here.
    I've never had Pho.
    I hate driving with my kids. Maybe in ten years I will be more comfortable with it?

  6. Lovely post, this. I'm again reading them in backwards order, which I find amusing:) My daughter can only mail order jeans, we like old navy, american eagle and gap, in that order. It's so nice you have all your kids nearby so you can go out and play like that. And I never knew the word ristra until today, so thank you for that. It's kinda silly to call them that dried chili pepper thing!
    And how odd is it that my wv makes me so happy - 1221 - a palindrome of my favorite number. I'm not normal.

  7. It's sort of interesting reading your posts backwards in time. It's like I'm omniscient or something, and I want to warn you about that kitten and her claws!

  8. I used to like the Gap tee shirts but now they are made in effing China and don't feel the same. Every product has changed because of being made in China and not for the better. Good ole standbys are not anymore.


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