Friday, November 21, 2014


So yes, at one point I did very much believe I was hearing two kittens.
If that is true, I don't think the other one is around anymore and I have only ever seen this wild one now in my bathroom.

If another one DOES appear, you will no doubt hear about it.


  1. See, we have inquiring minds! I literally just asked about the second one on the last post. Then clicked over here and viola! you have answered the question. The little shit was probably just load enough and zipping around enough to make you think there were two.

  2. a kitten was in tony's wheel well and we got it and brought it inside until i could take it to the animal shelter. i wanted to keep it but we didn't have the resources at the time to get it fixed and vaccinated. we put it in a cat carrier with a blanket and some vittles. that little fucker made the noise of ten kittens for being so pissed for being in the crate!

    i'm glad you are helping this kitten. do keep us posted!


  3. That kitten looks adorable and Owen how sweet! I bet that kitten is young enough to be tamed. Gail

  4. Nice. The little kitten is so deserving of a good home.


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