Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What Can We Say?

I can't even.
Not even.
Going to talk about it.
Except to say that human beings, as Jimmy Buffett so wisely pointed out once, are flawed individuals. 

So yeah. I could start getting really angry and I could start getting really afraid and I could start getting really depressed (oh wait- too late- I'm already there) or I could just say that I've been wondering why Brother Rodd's obituary hasn't been in the paper and this morning, after I flipped through all of the horrible disastrous election results, I found this.

Go here for the online article, written by Rosanne Wood. 

And let's all remember that although humans are indeed flawed and weird and that although things are crazy and scary as shit sometimes, there are humans among us who are beautiful spirits of openness and love and light and that even after their deaths, we, who have been touched by them, are forever changed for the good.

That's all I got this morning. I'm going to get in the dirt. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am just sick, the people that voted for Prick and against pot are just idiots. I hope they can get it right next time. The only good thing I saw last night was Alan Grayson won. Gail

  2. Gail- And Gwen Graham beat out the Tea Party asshole Steve Southerland.

  3. Oh I forgot to include the Bondi voters in the idiots. Gail

  4. Ok, well we got two wins. Gail

  5. I saw a map of all the GOP wins this morning. To me, it would seem that now, if things don't start getting done in the government, it would be clear that they are the ones at fault. Of course, I'd be a democrat if I was American, so maybe that's why it would be clear?
    I also think that if government officials got paid like teachers and teachers got paid like government officials, it would weed out the greedy pigs.
    Playing in the dirt sounds like a sensible way to process all of this, have a good day.

  6. Sigh. That's all I got. We did okay here on the other coast. But. Yeah.

  7. this country had so much promise once. I am just appalled. That's all I can say. liars and thieves.

  8. getting in the dirt will cure what ails.

  9. Yes, let's hold Brother Rodd in our consciousness and ride out this political nightmare. Love.

  10. I voted, and haven't looked who won, not going to...I love love love to take overwhelming emotions to the garden! Might just do so today, as it's stopped raining...

  11. You are clear blue in a sea of red. And maybe we just have to enlarge the symbolism of having Brother Rodd appear amidst so much awful news. His smile, even to someone who never knew him, takes the bite out of everything, to tell you the truth.

  12. Gail- And the environmental amendment. We got that too.

    heartinhand- You have a very good idea there. But it's not their salaries that make them rich. It's the outside influences. They work around the rules.

    Denise- Y'all definitely have it going on better than we do. Be grateful.

    Ellen Abbott- You're completely correct, dear woman. I fear you are.

    Ms. Yo- It never fails me.

    Angella- I thought of him all today as I knelt in the dirt. It felt right.

    Big Mamabird- It is my church, the Church of Dirt and Plants.

    Elizabeth- I'm getting a bit weepy. Yes. That smile.

  13. I awoke this morning thinking that I hate this stupid state. But I really can't hate the state and don't want to hate the voters, but damn, they would vote for a dog if it was a right wing Christian, anti-homo, anti-abortion, family values kind of dog. I just shake my head and think what dupes.

  14. Syd- Yes. Too true. And I would probably vote for a dog if it believed in the opposite of all of that. I'm just feeling over it all.

  15. Getting in the dirt sounds like the ideal solution to situations like this! I'm so glad they did that big article on Brother Rodd. You're right -- we have to remind ourselves of the good people when times get dark.


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