Friday, November 21, 2014

The Bleeding Has Stopped Now

Really, Animal Gods? Really?

So, okay. I patiently waited for her to come out from under the house and eat some sliced turkey and then because I'm a complete and utter fool, I grabbed her (him?) without using a towel. The little thing just looks so sweet and fluffy and, oh hell. We all know what kittens look like. However, let me just say that they may look completely innocent but that they can rip you OPEN!
So of course she scratched and bit the everlovin' shit out of me because she's scared to death and I put her (I swear- I did NOT fling her) in the little bathroom off the kitchen, my heart beating like crazy (was I going to die from cat germs?) and washed, washed, washed my wounds and drowned them in peroxide and called Lily and called an angel-woman I know who works at the local Spay and Neuter clinic and I set the trap (which required viewing a Youtube, I am not kidding you) and put that in the bathroom with the rest of the sliced turkey and damn, if she didn't trip it and I thought I would just run her to the humane society in Monticello but Joanna, the angel-woman told me that they'd probably euthanize a wild kitten and I COULD try to tame her or, on the other hand, just release her back outside and feed her and let her be feral until she is old enough to spay. Or neuter. Depending on what sex she/he is.
Lily looked up "taming feral kittens" on the internet (how did we live before the internet?) and it's supposedly pretty darn easy and then I called Togi, another angel, who works at a vet clinic, and he asked everyone he works with what they suggested and it's pretty much been decided that yes, she is tame-able but if I let her back outside, she'll probably always be feral.

So. She's back out of the trap, has food and water and a cozy bed to sleep in and Lily is bringing me litter and if I can just keep the boys out of that bathroom, all will be well. 

I suppose I'll keep her in there and take her into the clinic on Monday morning to get her shots and see if she/he is old enough to be operated on (I don't think so) and try to just tame this tiny beast and let Lily have her/him.

Lucky for the damn cat she/he is so fucking cute. I mean look at that face. 

Oh boy. Mr. Moon is going to love this. 

Can I just say that people who work with animals are the most wonderful people and that they are so much to closer to godlight than I am? By far? 

Yes. I can say that and I just did. 

Wish us luck. 

And hey- Animal Gods! Enough already. 


  1. Well, that's an adorable cat. I wonder if Maurice could help civilise her? Maybe you could call her Huckleberry. Though if she's going to Lily, I guess the boys will name her.

    If nothing else, this is great blog fodder - I will be watching the experiment with bated breath! V-logs, please!

    I thought there were two of them though, no?

  2. If you catch the other one, you can send it to me. I'm sure my husband won't mind.

  3. Oh lord, she's adorable. He? She? Sorry you got torn up though, it's amazing how much cat scratches hurt, isn't it? Good luck taming her, I'll bet she comes around to you in no time!

    You have a big and a brave heart :) xo

  4. You are the angel! Yup that kitteh does not liik three pounds yet but you can weigh the trap then on Monday weigh it in the trap to see. If over 3 pounds youre good, but it cannot eat after midnight on monday morning to have surgery...
    Sigh. Animal rescue is involved BUT you can totally. Win that little feral over. Soon they will be as smitten with you as the rest of us. <3

  5. Oh you poor thing, getting all scratched up! My gosh she is cute. I know she is tamable. Read The Little Prince to her. Doesn't he tame a fox? You are all godlight in my eyes, especially for saving that little puff ball and not just letting her back out to be feral or shelter to be euthanized. Good luck! Wet food will tame her for sure.

  6. if you were bitten, you really NEED to get AB + probably tetanus injection ... Did you ask your doctor?
    Great job, taking the little one in!

  7. That face. Oh lord. And hey, isn't there another one out there?

  8. Longtime lurker here, have adopted rescue kittens and worked with feral cats. Thank you for caring enough to help this kitten. Kittens do need to be taught to trust humans, so hopefully this one can be socialized. It depends on how old they are when you get to them. Sometimes they just stay feral, in that case neutering and releasing would be the best thing, but he/she might still hang around if you feed and provide an outdoor shelter. Where I live, they keep the rats away! Alley Cat Allies is a great resource for helping cats, I recommend their web site. Best of luck!

  9. This reminds me of my travails this summer when I decided to trap a cat that had been drifting sadly around our neighborhood. (The story is somewhere in the back posts of my blog.)No good deed etc. .. .
    At least your kitten is absurdly cute.

  10. I might be the only cat-hater here, but she is sort of cute. I'll admit that. There.

  11. Oh, Ms. Moon. I just love you so much.

  12. Ridiculously adorable! Glad you captured her and that she will have a home with Lily .

  13. Jo- Every time Maurice passes by that bathroom door she hisses. So maybe not at this point.

    Ramona- Noted.

    Mel- I'm an idiot is what I am. But thank you. I really do hope she calms down and lets us love her.

    Anonymous- Joanna? Anyway, I am just letting her be for now. Next week I shall try to weigh her. Lord. She is safe and has food and water and a place to sleep. I hope she is happy.

    Bethany- She loves chicken pot pie. I suppose reading to her would be a good thing. I wish you were here to take over!

    Elsewhere- Sigh. No. I, being me, did not even think to call a doctor and I probably won't. But thank you.

    Jill- Sweetest face ever. Sharpest teeth ever.

    KJ- Thanks for that information! I need all the help I can get. This cat is pretty young. I'd say around six weeks.

    Marty Damon- And very young, too.

    Elizabeth- If she wasn't cute, she'd be at the damn animal shelter to meet her fate. I am no saint.

    ditchingthedog- I love you too, Ms. Birdie.

    Blue Gal- Lily sure does want the beast.

    Denise- I'm not really that sweet. More like I am a bitchy woman. Who has a soft spot for babies. But thank you.

  14. Yay! Best of luck taming the beast. I think this is a good solution. (Easy for me to say, so far away!)

    I'm glad you clarified re. the second kitten. I was wondering where it went!

  15. Very cute face. I am a sucker for little wayward animals.

  16. I've done that. Grabbed a wild kitten that was abandoned or lost by its mom that was crying and had its little needle sharp teeth and claws sunk into my hand.. Good you caught it. I'm sure you will have it tamed in no time.


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