Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Dreary, Dearie

Still drizzling and gray as can be. A Sunday in all dreary ways. But my husband will return today and that will be so nice. I swear- after ten days alone, it is almost impossible to imagine him back. It's almost scary how much I enjoy solitude.
Probably not such a good thing though.

I have sheets in the washer and I think I will go to the store this morning and buy my turkey and let it start thawing in the refrigerator in the garage. And more cat litter. That child can poop! She/he has torn up that bathroom and of course she is bored. I have a feeling that Mr. Moon is not going to be completely delighted by the new tenant. I will buy her some toys, too, I guess. I made her a little aluminum foil ball to bat about if she wants to do that.
But how do get her to stop freaking out every time she sees me? Am I going to have to sit in that bathroom on the floor for endless hours, talking to her, trying to coax her to come out of hiding in the shower curtain?
Ah, Jeez.
I just took her some more mashed up chicken pot pie and set it down and she did poke her head out to let me see her. I knelt on the floor for awhile and talked in that high silly voice we all use to talk to babies, whether human or chicken or puppy or kitty.
Mostly what I say is, "Hey, little kitten! Hey little kitten. You're so pretty."
I mean- what else is there to say?

I talked to Jessie. She said she might come over tomorrow and make lemon pies and tame the cat. I said that this was a good idea. Probably shouldn't take her more than an hour or so to do both. Right?
She got home from work last night to find this:

Wall between kitchen and dining room GONE, baby! And pork tacos with chilies.
Is Vergil the Man or what?

I guess I better get to it. The day is going to creep up on me and I need to get things done before Mr. Moon comes home. I don't want him to think that all I've done since he's been gone is sleep and eat and drink and read.
Oh wait. Yeah, that's pretty much all I've done.

Those things and trying to tame a wild cat.

Happy Sunday. Here's your weekly picture of my favorite miracle.

Look at them gnarly old arms. Why do I think he's so damn cute? 

Who knows? Not me. Not sure what that T-shirt's all about but I want one.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Jessie'll do it. I'm pretty sure she has bluebirds following her around as it is :)

    It was the woodland animals that took the wall down for Vergil...

  2. Jo- She does have a way with children and animals, that one. Ha! on the woodland animals taking down that wall. I'm sure Vergil wishes it were true.

  3. Keith has on a Jamaican bandana in that picture! As much as you love your solitude you're going to love having your man back home.

  4. I love my solitude as well but my husband, he *knows* me and he is the one my heart pines after when I get out of sorts. Which happens a lot.

  5. If he gets to go hunting, you get to eat-sleep-read all day with no guilt, amiright? Are you guys eating lemon pies for Thanksgiving? That is wild.

  6. We found a feral kitten in our garage/barn one winter many years ago, she remained feral til she fell in my mom's tub, my mom grabbed her out and stuck her in my bed with me, under a down comforter and well that was the beginning of her mom had her for 17 years. I am most fascinated by Kieth's fingers, they have seen some playin'!

  7. Oh and I want lemon pie for thanksgiving now...

  8. I'm sure that the kitten will be tame soon. It may take some time but with each of you working with it, it will be tame.

    Vergil is the man with that wall gone. I see that he watches the HG TV network too. Open concept and all of that.

  9. Angella- After I read Keith's autobiography, I realized what a great and spiritual tie he has to Jamaica. He loves the Rasta in spirit and music. Another reason to love him.

    Birdie- I understand. So much.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Jessie and Vergil have a lemon tree in their yard and have collected great huge amounts of lemons. So yes. We will be eating lemon pie for Thanksgiving. i hope.

    Big Mamabird- This feral baby is going to come around. I know it. And yes- Keith's fingers are gnarled to the strings. Aren't they beautiful?

    Syd- The baby is going to come around. I know it. And I don't think that Vergil watches anything on TV. But his mother has spent his entire life tearing down and rebuilding a house. So he has that for an example. The kitchen, as it stood, was tiny. There was a closet in the house bigger than that kitchen. It's going to be beautiful.

  10. So, yeah, pretty much you have to just sit in there til the kitten gets curious enough to come out and see what you are doing.


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