Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Worth My Salt?

Mr. Moon has had a gift certificate that a happy customer gave him to Outback Steakhouse for about a year. I swear, every week for the past year he has said, "I have this gift certificate..."
And I have said, "No thank you."
But he said it again this morning and I said, "Okay. Let's go."
And so tonight I took a shower and washed my hair and put on eye-make-up and lipstick (and Maurice was so upset and disturbed because I never take a shower at 5:30 pm and what were all of these paints and perfumes?) and a silk blouse that I bought with Jessie last spring at the TJ Maxx which I'd never worn before and he came home and shook us up a martini and took his own shower and posed on the porch for me in his Levi's and white long-sleeved, button-up white shirt (my favorite man outfit) and we drove to town and went to the damn Outback Steakhouse.
Okay. Outback. Whatever. They must use five millions tons of salt a week.
I'll be dehydrated for days.
Still. It was fun. Although honestly, there are not a lot of humans at the Outback Steakhouse on a Tuesday night that I really cared to observe or interact with. I am not proud of this. I am just saying. There was one couple at the bar, two fellas, whom we fell into conversation with over the subject of Tito's vodka and they were perhaps planning a trip together to Aruba and I did my best to convince them to go to Cozumel instead, telling them that Aruba has a nuclear power plant, is in the DUTCH Caribbean and that the favorite meat there is goat.
But that yes, the water is very blue.
(Dutch Caribbean. Nuclear power plant. Goat meat.)

The other really best thing that happened to me today is that I took my walk and the woods were so beautiful and so were the fields and it became even more apparent to me that I have to take these walks, not just for my body but for my head. The sycamore trees are letting their leaves go in dancing swirls and I stopped more than once just to witness the brown and golden leaves against the blue sky as they whirled and rose on the breeze and then circled their way down to the earth.

The Beauty Berry is in its last throes of mauve gorgeousness.

Because it's been a week since I walked, every raccoon track on the road, every new bloom, every leaf color change was so alive for me. I did not walk that fast but I enjoyed every moment of it and went off the path and into the woods several times, just to get a different perspective. 

Not to change the subject but there is a little black cat who keeps appearing in the yard and my feline-opposed husband has decided that maybe this will be his cat although he still refuses to admit that Maurice has charmed him with her ways. I fed him/her some scattered Friskies on the edge of the yard under the nandina. He/she is skittish and I doubt will ever become a real pet but like Miss Honey who shows up from next door every day to get a few Friskies of her own when I feed the outdoor cat, may become part of our daily routine, part of the life of our little piece of earth here.

He is packing now, this man. Tomorrow night he will have it all arranged and on Thursday I will take him to the airport. He will go away from me on his own adventure but he will come back. He just brought me a glass of water because he's already thirsty from the quarter-pound of salt we ate tonight, not to mention the martinis and like a mother who is chilly and puts a sweater on her child, he is giving me what he needs himself.

And we shall see how I feel tomorrow when the salt and martinis have had their way with me. I am planning on going to George's funeral in Monticello tomorrow and I can't even think about that now. It brings up so much. Kathleen wrote about it here and did a beautiful job of it.

That's been my day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Goat meat is my favorite meat, after caribou and moose!

    I'm so sick of chicken and beef, and pork disgusts me.

    I'm either moving back to Alaska, or on to Aruba.

    BTW, cold spell is coming on for us. In case you hadn't heard.

  2. Aww. Lots of thoughts here, but yes, the levis and white shirts, an excellent man outfit. And I'm glad that even in the Outback Steak House, there's adventure to be had. Good luck with the service.

  3. Check out Yoga Girl in Aruba. She has sure made it seem fine there. On second thought, though, the goat thing is a deal-breaker.

  4. I am smiling knowingly at having a coupon for a restaurant for a year. My husband and I often sit across from each other in the living room and discuss "going out". After about 2 hours of thinking of all the work it takes but more of the whole issue of actually leaving my home I decide to not go. On Halloween we were going to go out but all I could think of were all the reasons not to go. We ordered in and I sat in my pyjamas while my husband watched a hockey game.

    A new cat! He/She needs a name of course. I guess that will be up to Mr. Moon.

  5. You might have been talking to yourself about Cozumel. Might be time to plan another trip? I love that Mr Moon brings you water when he's thirsty!

  6. what's wrong with goat meat? we had some lamb the other night. A first in our house. It was organic and marked down at the grocery store so I bought it. it's cold and windy here. ick. will have to bring the plants in today.

  7. If I ever get to Mexico, it will be Cozumel, for sure.

    Even though somebody the other day was telling me how much they liked goat meat.

    Once I was buzzy and ordered a "Tito's and soda" with queenly command and Noah teased me good.

  8. What is it with restaurants and all that salt? I think a lot of places salt in excess. For that matter, my own spouse uses too much salt. (I've told him that, so I'm not betraying any confidences.)

    I hope Maurice gets a new feline companion!

  9. NOLA- Each to her own meat. That's what I say. I don't think it's going to get quite as cold here. Stay warm, honey.

    Betsy- The service was fine. Not very friendly but fine.
    It's an adventure for me every time I leave the house. Especially at night.

    Elizabeth- I will. There was probably a lot of Aruba that I did not experience.

    ditchingthedog- Black kitty did not show up today as far as I saw. I hope she's okay. And yes, staying home is wonderful.

    Angella- I am ALWAYS thinking about Cozumel and yearning, yearning to go back. Mr. Moon IS a sweet man.

    Ellen Abbott- I keep checking the forecast. I don't see a freeze here but I'll keep on eye on it.
    Do NOT want to lose my plants.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I think you would love Cozumel. I also love the idea of you ordering a Tito's and soda with authority!

    Steve Reed- Restaurants use lots of salt because it is cheap and effective. I don't think Maurice wants a new companion. But we shall see.

  10. Ugh--we went to Outback this week after getting off the boat. I had forgotten how bad it is. And could taste the salt--way too much. I felt unhealthy after going there. Won't do that again.

  11. My husband loves the Outback. Me, not so much. I'd drive to the ends of the earth for a Cracker Barrel though!

    I've been sitting here catching up on all these posts and my left leg has fallen asleep. Literally to the hip. God help me when I get up.


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