Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This Is How It Is On A Very Good Morning

Cold morning and Mr. Moon got up at four to drive down to auction and Maurice and I stayed in the bed and kept it warm and then about six thirty I really didn't need to sleep any more but stayed cozy for awhile, not fooling the cat one bit, she knew I was awake and she kept me company in the luxury of not-getting-up-yet although she was being stingy with her love and did not let me pet her.

I figured out how to wash my face with hot water. I AM a fucking genius, y'all. I now wash my face in the bathroom right off the kitchen which is approximately three feet from the hot water heater.
Ten years it's taken me to figure this one out.
Ten years.

I was in such a good mood yesterday that it was almost sickening. They boys were in good moods too and that always works out well. Owen is becoming the most charming bullshitter in the world.
"Mer, you are the best Mer in the world!"
"Yes, I know."
"I love you so much. And you're so pretty."
"Really? What makes me so pretty?"
"You just are!"


Well, I'm not looking any gift horses in the mouth and I'll take whatever sweetness I can get.

I've had a bowl of oat bran cereal with apples and raisins and now I believe I shall take a walk. I hope no one tries to kill me today. I'm still thinking about that- how the woman just kept right on going after she almost hit me yesterday, didn't even slow down. I'm planning on going to town to go to Costco with Lily and this afternoon I sincerely want to work in the yard. Time of year to trim stuff up and haul it to the edge of the woods. Leave more room for the camellias which are swelling at the bud like a tribe of fertile women's bellies. I swear to you- I have not spent nearly enough time here at home lately and when did you ever hear me say that? Well, it's a busy life, even for someone like me who doesn't actually have much of a life, just this little one and I honestly think that if I get in the garden I might have some greens this winter.

Oh boy. I might even buy new slippers today.

The excitement never ends.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. God morning! I am up early to finish trivia before going to get the last of the little things out of my old apartment and then it's time to VOTE!

  2. How could you not feel joy with that sweet little charmer rhapsodizing over you? We all need an Owen in our lives!

  3. i know I said I was going to plant a fall garden this year but I would like to have some carrots and spinach and lettuce and I don't even have seeds yet.

  4. If only I could have had the excitement of buying a new pair of slippers today, my day would have been so much better. You have no idea how dull November can be here.

    I am super envious of your pansy pot. My garden is almost completely gone into hibernation, all wet leaves and rotting whatever.

  5. We're alive. Isn't it amazing? I feel great.

    Owen knows pretty when he sees it!

    Being alive and having someone recognize our beauty is exciting. I think it's about all the excitement I can stand right now.

  6. Well thank goodness for good moods! Don't look at the election results, is all I have to say.

  7. Been out of town so enjoyed catching up on your writings. Especially loved November 1

    We only have so much time and so much opportunity to love the people we love, to get to the heart of what we are trying to do.
    Make good choices. Use capers with a free hand but not too free. Remember, when collecting antique typewriters that if you ever move, someone is going to have to carry them upstairs. The concept of al dente may be highly overrated if you are cooking for love and comfort.
    Don't be afraid to say what you're meaning to say with your face and body. Hug the ones you love until you think they may be smushed with your love.

    I just might have to cross stitch that on a pillow - if I did that kind of thing. But it does make this post election bummerness a bit bearable, to know that there are people in my neck of the woods who can produce such kind and loving thoughts.

  8. Mr. Downtown- Your new energy sounds good. Yay! Love you, son.

    Angella- I agree.

    Ellen Abbott- It's such a huge time-commitment.

    Sabine- I have pots of pansies everywhere. They will be my winter color until the camellias bloom.

    Denise- Me too. For sure.

    Beth Coyote- Haha! Bless his little heart.

    Steve Reed- I need a cliff to jump off of. I swear.

    Juicie- We are here, we are. And thank god we find each other.

  9. Guys learn to BS early I guess. Speak the truth is a good mantra. Sometimes the truth hurts. Still speak it.


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