Saturday, November 29, 2014


The dreams have moved to big cities where I am visiting. Night before last, it was Detroit. I have no idea why.
A place I've never been and quite frankly, have never thought to visit. And now that I am aware that Detroit has an entire neighborhood inhabited by Steampunk zombies, I probably never will.
Not sure what city I was in last night but they do like their indoor malls/residential areas. And the elevators are horribly confusing and one shrimp salad and a drink cost $125.

I am sick of food. I never want to eat or cook again. I just ate half a turkey sandwich because I was hungry but I couldn't bear the idea of anything more sweet or salty or creamy or anything than a turkey sandwich. I think I have post-Thanksgiving-gluttony-flu.
I made Mr. Moon a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and grated apple and even the idea of that made my stomach roil.

I feel a bit strange overall today. Why is it Saturday? According to my mind, it should be Sunday. And yet, it is not. I wish I could just go to bed and sleep for the next week and get everything readjusted to normal. Which, you know, is impossible. Still. I don't seem to have the energy or desire to do anything. A little holiday depression, I suppose. Or else I'm dying.
One or the other.

I'll let you know which way the dice fall.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I don't seem to be nearly as bad these days about this season. That I have basically stopped watching TV and refuse to get sucked in to the must-buy-presents-for-everyone-I-ever-met mentality. I only buy presents for my kids if I know it is something they actually want or need and the grandkids are easy now. all they want is money.

  2. I love you!
    It must have been New York. Drinks there are ridiculous!

  3. Do keep us posted about that dice game. I feel like I just spun the roulette wheel and it landed on crap. And I'm of course fighting back against the self-pitying bullshit. Now I'm going to go eat another turkey sandwich. Somedays you eat the turkey and somedays it eats you. Or something like that.

  4. you've always got a friend in detroit....


  5. Me, too. I probably haven't eaten a real vegetable or fruit in a week. I'm contemplating a juice fast or some other kind of nonsense. I wish I could check myself into an isolation chamber and just float in salty water until I feel better physically.

  6. Ellen Abbott- Well, I don't do much shopping or any of that either. I think it's just the constant bombardment, even if you don't go to the malls or watch TV. It's still there. You know?

    Heartinhand- Might have been. Who knows?

    Denise- Yeah. I've been eaten by the turkey. Makes sense to me.

    Mrs. A- Of course, in dream world, I can never get a phone to work so how would I find you? Have you ever been to that Steampunk Zombie neighborhood? Interesting shops there.

    Elizabeth- That sounds about right.

  7. I've been to Detroit and it's much more interesting than most people give it credit for. No steampunk zombies, though, as I recall. :)


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