Monday, November 17, 2014

This, Then That

That's what my backyard looks like this morning. And no, I do not rake up my leaves. What's the point? I'd rather have a crimson carpet than bare dirt which is mostly what's under there.

Very odd day. I woke up at six-thirty and the power was out. It was thundering, drizzling a little. Maurice and I went back to sleep and when I woke up at nine, it was back on but still thundering, still drizzling. I'm a lazy ass. So what?
It's seventy degrees here today. This is just odd. The air's as dense as pudding.

I did a bad thing last night. I ordered that purse online. Why did I do that? I should have ordered boots. Boots and a purse? Oh Lord. Who knows? Perhaps I am trying to subtly let Mr. Moon know he should not go away and leave me to my own devices. I swear to you though- if I do not ABSOLUTELY ADORE the purse, I am sending it back. And now on Facebook all of the ads are for that purse and it's creepy and weird and they are watching us and mostly that doesn't bother me but sometimes it does and goddammit, if they know enough to show me the purse, don't they know I already ordered it? Of course they do. Do they think I need one in every color?

I think I should have a smoothie. My fruit consumption has been sorely lacking. It's been too cold to drink smoothies but today that is not a problem. I feel slow and heavy and still a little in my dreams. And now a curtain of rain has suddenly descended and it will be good to make cookies with my boys and my god, the rain is beautiful.


  1. Facebook ads, and google 'analytic' ads in general can be creepy and eventually annoying.
    We put on a new roof this year. Made a decision way back in June. But the ads for roofers still kept a comin'. Gah! Leave it be!

  2. I so hope you and yours and Kathy etc. are OK I study NOAA off and on in the day. Your fair state is wrapped up in Tornado watches! And all that cold right on top of you. Not a so good mix.My Wind Map looks a little scary also.Hugs and safe places. (I have tornado PTSD) your Alabama fan,Mary

  3. Enjoy the rain, the purse, maybe also the boots and making cookies with those precious boys.

  4. Yes, you should have ordered that purse. It wanted to be ordered and it needed a home.

  5. Bob- Maybe you need another roof? Perhaps? No? Oh well. It's so stupid.

    Mary i- The winds seem calm enough now. A bit stiff but not scary. It's all just blowing the cold in. We shall be okay. But thank-you.

    Angella- Don't encourage me! (As to the boots.)
    We had a good time today, those boys and I. I got lots of hugs and kisses and ate Gibson fingers with every sort of salt and seasoning and made him laugh like crazy. Joy.
    Love to you and your mother. I am thinking of you so very much.

    ditchingthedog- Oh god. I hope I love it. Thank you, sugar.

  6. Download the "AdBlock" app, it works wonders.

  7. We never rake our leaves in Florida. Well, almost never. I do rake them here in London, though, and I'm not sure why!

  8. We don't rake the leaves in California, either. As for ads, I think I've trained my eyes to glance and not register. If someone writes about or has a website that pictures something I like, though, it's hard not to order or at least covet.

  9. Pinterest is the same. I was gawking at coats the other day and now all my ads are for coats. Drives me nuts.

    I love leaves.

  10. I used to rake and burn leaves but now we let the leaves stay, except on the grassy areas which have been reduced in size with the new landscaping. The leaves stay on the drive too and make a glorious carpet. Life is good but busy here.


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