Monday, November 3, 2014

A Fine Morning

Woke up this morning and it was in the freaking upper thirties. Excuse me? This is Florida, people.
I seriously worried that we might have gotten a frost last night and yes, all of my big plants are in and safe and cozy but I left the small ones out because I can move them myself and I want them to stay outside as long as they can.
I growled.
And put on socks and a thermal undershirt that I stole from the dressing room at the Opera House during some production. It had been there for months and I finally just took it. It is one of my favorites. And of course my overalls and my furry slippers which almost all the fur has been worn out of and the sole has come away from the shoe part but they are still warm and I have no qualms about wearing them outside.
Lord, but I am a fashion plate!

It took me quite awhile to shake my dreams off (and please- yes, subconscious, I know that I am afraid of aging and sickness and death and could you PLEASE quit reminding me by having my teeth fall out, one by one every night?) and to warm up enough to put my walking clothes on but I finally did and oh, how beautiful it is out there today!

I couldn't help but take a picture of my house as I left the gate.

Shade and shadow and bright sun torchlight.

I also took a picture of the sasanqua blooming next door.

And then the pyracantha in full berry on one of the little lanes I walk.

I almost got run over on my walk today. I am not kidding you. And not on the big road but on one of the little sand roads. I was coming around a corner and a woman in a van was speeding up to get over the soft sand part, gunning her engine and I swear to you, if I hadn't jumped nimbly into the bushes, she would have hit me head on! Of all the things I've ever feared on my walks in the woods, getting run over has never been one of them. 
Just goes to show, right? 

Nimbly. Haha! 

Anyway, my walk warmed me up nicely and now I'm home and the boys are coming in a little while. I have venison stew meat thawing and plan on making a lovely deer and vegetable soup with whatever I can scavenge from the cabinets and freezer and refrigerator. And I told Owen yesterday that he could help me make bread today and so he shall. 

And here we are, firmly in November now and as I walked back from the post office, I kicked the fallen leaves and observed how the sun was polishing the pine needles to a very fine shimmer and all feels well, at least here in Lloyd and I hope where you are too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Teeth falling out or rearranging is a common stress dream, and one I have often. Or that my gums are bleeding. They usually change shape, or fall out. It's a sweet life.

    My other stress dream is watching plane crashes --usually helicopters. Last night, I dreamed I was in Air Force One but we couldn't take off and we taxied forever. And I looked outside, and it was Kentucky tobacco fields that we were bouncing along. Gee, Dr Freud, please fill me in on what that meant.

    I need to take a walk or lay down. Sigh.

  2. SJ- Jesus. Why are our subconsciousnesses so damn obvious?
    I'm glad I took the walk.

  3. There is a fine shimmer at 30,000-some feet as I fly back to California with my mom. I'm observing how sweet one particular flight attendant is, and how that sweetness is so essential. Bless your stew meat, bless your nimbleness, bless all of our hearts. Amen.

  4. I just realized this morning that I am looking forward to baking. In particular, gingerbread cookies. Remember how often we used to make gingerbread men? I should get some redhots for eyes.

  5. Denise- Yes. All of our hearts. Especially sweet flight attendants. Safest travels.

    Mr. Downtown- Yes! Gingerbread men! And red hots. And you can bake apples! Oh my. Your life is really going to change in so many good ways.

  6. Oh, I often have the dream where my teeth are falling out. When I look at the clock it is 5:00 on a Friday and all the dentists are closed for the weekend.

    Did the lady that almost ran you over stop and apologize? I am so glad you are not deaded.

  7. Mr. Downtown- Ah, yes! With lots of raisins!

    ditchingthedog- NO, she did not stop. She did not even slow down.
    Interesting about it being five o'clock on a Friday in your dental dreams. I swear to you- I had one of my teeth-falling out dreams the other day but I WAS IN THE DENTIST'S OFFICE! when it happened. In dream world, of course.

  8. I'm glad you survived your walk! That's scary!


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