Friday, October 31, 2014

Pleased To Meet You

Well, it's been an excellent day for me. I did go to town and pick up Owen with Lily and Gibson and we told Owen that we were going to Japanica! which we thought would make him so happy but he declared that no, he doesn't like Japanica! any more and he didn't want to go there.
Tough titty, said the kitty, and we went anyway.

We did our routine. We got our edamame beans although to be truthful, I should say Gibson's edamame beans. He ate 90% of them.

Owen did indeed eat miso soup but he didn't want his salad.
Lily got sushi, I got the green curry bento box and almost died with the pleasure of it. The curried tofu and vegetables, the little shrimp cakes or whateverthehell they are, rice, sushi. Perfection. Then we went to Big Lots where we discovered that Santa had passed out

which was another sort of perfection. I bought some cleaning stuff for Hank's move and a little string of battery operated star lights and a bag of Reese's halloween peanut butter cups and some hair thingees. I love Big Lots so much. I mean, I wouldn't buy a damn sofa there but it's a great place to buy pickled miniature patty-pan squash and esoteric Bob's Red Mill grain things you wouldn't buy at the regular store because they cost so much but which are dirt-cheap at the Big Lots.
Owen found a five buck transformer toy that was SO BEAUTIFUL that he dissolved into pitiful tears when he had to leave it on the shelf and so I, being the completely stereotypical and cliched grandmother, bought it for him. Amazing how fast he went from crying real tears to raising his arm up in the air and shouting, "SCORE!"
Yeah, I'm a sucker. So what? He gave me about fifty kisses when I left their house. It was so worth it.
Lily's been turning into some domestic goddess that I barely recognize as my daughter. She's been doing cross-stitch that I can't even SEE the stitches in, they're so tiny, and she's cooking all sorts of amazing vegan meals and she made some awesome Halloween costumes. Gibson is going as Daryl Dixon whom I don't know shit about but she does. She took apart a Goodwill vest and made it into a D.D. vest and Jason made him a crossbow and I think it may all have something to do with The Walking Dead. Is that right? I'll post pictures if she sends them.
And she herself is going as Ursula.
Okay! Breaking news! Here are the pictures!

Wolverine at the preschool party.

Daryl Dixon as a bad-ass child.

Ursula! (Is she not gorgeous?)

Uh. Really scary dad. 

All my kids are getting together tonight at Jessie and Vergil's to take the kids trick-or-treating and I should probably be there but I wanted to get home and plant my pansies which I did. This involved taking things out of pots and planting them in the actual ground and watering and snipping and so forth. I had a wonderful time doing all of that. 

And then my across-the-street-neighbor and friend, Paul, called to tell me that three of my chickens were in his front yard. Say what? Those chickens have never once crossed the road and why should they? But cross the road they did and I have no idea why. 

So I went over there and herded them back across the street and had to stop five o'clock traffic in Lloyd (which is more traffic than you might think) and they all made it safely. Miss Butterscotch, Miss Lucille and Miss Eggy Tina. I will be honest with you here- I felt like a celebrity. I mean, if I was driving somewhere and a crazed woman wearing overalls was herding chickens across the road it would make my day. I suppose I have to start closing the damn gate to the driveway now. What a pain in the ass. Just when you think there's one fucking thing you don't have to worry have to worry about it. 

Anyway, they've all gone to roost now and I have a little piece of tuna marinating in Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce (highly recommended) and here's what my new lights look like:

My little constant altar place.

And another costume picture.

Now I remember. Jason is Zombie Superman. Half evil, half good. 

And to just finish it all off, here's a picture which you know charms my damn heart. 

As my friend Kati said, "Their sexy Satanic Majesties." 

I sort of love Halloween, even if I don't really participate. 

And here, for your Halloween rock 'n roll enjoyment. 

The band at the church next door is rocking, it's chilly in my house, the chickens are all in bed and the Stones are playing tonight in Perth.

This is the time of year when the membrane between worlds gets a little thin.
I can feel it.
Can you?

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hellllloooo chickens, do NOT cross the road. What the heck? But yeah, just when we think we know what the chickens or grandchildren want, we have to rethink it.

  2. Denise- Do we never get to rest in our wisdom?
    NO. We do not.

  3. Happy Halloween Mary :) I really enjoyed reading about your day, your daring chicken rescue, you adorable grand kids costumes, all of it. I had some wonderful panang curry tonight, but wonder how delicious your meal must have been. This whole post made me smile.
    I'm about to have a lot more free time now that volleyball is over and hope to be stopping by more again soon. xo

  4. Mel- You know I adore you and any time you stop by is a very sweet time for me.

  5. I remember making my kids halloween costumes. my son, never an easy child, always wanted to be things like a tree, or a shark, or a barrel of toxic waste (one of my better efforts if I do say so).

  6. Happy Halloween, Ms. Moon. Love the Daryl costume. That is so awesome. I am a big fan of The Walking Dead and they did a great job.

  7. Loved the photos! Gibson is so cute. My middle schooler wore a suit and a wolf mask and was the Wolf of Wall Street. Lily and Jason's make up looked great! Michele r

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  9. Lily did a great job on those costumes. Your comments on the chickens were hilarious, but philosophical as in, "It's always somethin".

  10. OH, great costumes. I wish I was a domestic goddess.

    Well, I made a pumpkin pie last night, and I'm knitting something. That'll have to do.

  11. Thank goodness your chickens made it across the road (and back again)! Wonder what prompted that? Maybe it was the same critter you heard walking around outside in the night?

    Love the costumes, though I have no idea who Daryl Dixon is either.

  12. I nipped over here from Going Gently to view Halloween Daryl. Please don't buy him a real crossbow just yet. That's not a real crossbow is it? Being America one has to ask...

  13. Andrew- Really? You think we might get a real crossbow for a two year old? Please. We'll wait until he's three.


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