Saturday, November 15, 2014

Short And Yet, Containing A Movie Review

Maurice and I must think we're the queens or something. We kept our lazy butts in bed until after nine this morning. If she tried to wake me up before that, I didn't know it. Sometimes I wonder if Maurice even has the usual needs for peeing and pooping. I swear to you- I NEVER see her doing either. Of course, I don't watch her every moment she's outside, but still. Such a difference between a young cat and an old dog.

Yeah. You can quote me on that little bit of profundity.

I tried to watch Osage County last night and it was so ugly that I just could not. Is that okay? Sorry, Meryl. Sorry, Julia. Watching it felt like being beat with sorrowful horror. Two things which are bad enough on their own. Combine them and hand me the remote.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and Ms. Jessie and I are going to go to Apalachicola for real and true. She's coming out here and I need to get ready. I am SO excited! What will we do? Where will we stop?
Wherever we want!

I'll report in. I'm sure you'll be waiting with bated breath, not to be confused with baited breath, which is how we'll be after eating something oceany and lovely for our lunch.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good Saturday morning to you!
    Way to behind to try and get caught up, but I did like the picture of Maurice a couple posts down and the one of the lights around the fireplace and the nice things nearby.
    I turned on Osage the other night but didn't see the beginning. I stuck with it. Wow, dark. Hard to watch. I love Meryl so much though, and the other acting was pretty good, too. But, yes, hard movie.

    Enjoy the beautiful day. :)

  2. Your soup, bread and pineapple upside cake did revive me almost into a human, but still trying to wrap up this stomach bug. Have a wonderful time with Jess and Apalachicola. I would love to be lucky enough to go with you and Jessie another time. Like when I can walk and eat and stuff. If not sooner, maybe we can take the toy over this spring on a warm day and Jess can chauffer us around. I do need to pick up some earrings at River lily haven given all of mine away to people who loved them. love both of you, have an amazing time

  3. I also tried to watch Osage county last night and thankfully I fell asleep.
    It would be so nice to have a cat like Maurice.

  4. I loved Osage County! I love glimpses into dysfunctional families. Makes me feel better about my own.
    Don't even get me started on dog v. cat poop.

  5. I recorded Osage when it was on last night. Noah has pre-emptively refused to watch it with me, and he'll watch almost anything with me. Stay in bed. Be a royal. All that jazz.

  6. My overall feeling of Osage County was that it made me want to cut my wrists. However, I stuck with it to the end. Why? I guess for the same reason I've watched Hoarders in the life sparkles and shines so much by comparison. Or the reason we slow down and look at horrific traffic accidents.

  7. You're in fine unfettered fettle today!

  8. I'm so happy you and Jessie are going to Apalach! Lis has told me stories of being there with you and it makes me smile to picture you and your beautiful girl sharing some of those same adventures. Hugs to both of you :)

  9. An adventure with your shining girl! How wonderful!

  10. Osage County was just so horrible. Normally, I love Meryl Streep but Julia Roberts gives me a rash.

  11. Crystal Chick- I am just not in the mood these days to experience more bitterness or sadness or darkness, even if it is being portrayed with great talent.

    Sittinonaporch- I'll be coming by soon with a little giftie. And yes! We must go visit down there again when you feel like it and it is warmer.

    Not Blank- We should all have cats like Maurice.

    Heartinhand- I just never have to deal with the cat poop as she goes far out into the yard.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Noah is a smart man.

    Anonymous- Yes. That is exactly why I could NOT watch it!

    A- Right?

    Lulumarie- Jessie and I were talking about you while we were in River Lily. We were saying that you would love that place so much AND that you give the most amazing gifts. Were your ears burning?

    Angella- It was!

    Ditchingthedog- I usually enjoy Miss Julia. But this movie. Oh god.

  12. I watched "Osage County" and I liked it, but I was on an airplane at the time so there wasn't much alternative. :)

  13. I saw Osage County and felt a lot of anxiety about how dysfunctional the family was. I remember thinking that the children would benefit from Al-Anon.


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