Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Fine Sunday

My Lord. Sunday has been busy so far. For Lloyd, at least.

Mr. Moon and I had just finished our breakfast (and Ashley loves bacon and cheese grits, by the way) when a car pulled up with my Lisa-Lisa in it and our dear friend Michele and two other folks that I was mighty pleased to meet. We had a very sweet visit and a walk around the yard to see all the chickens and the goats next door and the big trees and they had some coffee and pecan pie. They were on their way home to Tampa after the big FSU-UF game which, even here in Lloyd is impossible to completely ignore although I do my best.

So that was fun and heart-warming and now Mr. Moon is loading up all sorts of ladders and tools to go do something in town which requires ladders and tools and I haven't even washed the breakfast dishes but who cares? It's a beautiful day, warm and sunny and Elvis is watching his hens scratch under the Bradford pear leaves and I might just go do some more weeding and maybe even go crazy and fertilize the collards.

I woke up today in a cheerful mood and because that is rare and beautiful for this time of year I'm surfing on it, loving it, being extremely grateful. I love showing my house and yard to people who have never seen it and it makes me see it through new eyes again although I am almost certain that never do I take it for granted. Never do I quit being charmed by my own little world and in fact, astonished that I get to live here.

So that's me today. Being all cheerful and grateful and playing with the kitty and hugging people I love and watching the light shift as the sun moves across the sky.

How are you?


  1. I am so glad you are cheerful today. We have a new hen in the neighborhood, she is young and scared, she follows the older one around and they are becoming acquainted. I hope it all works out well and none of the nasty neighbors (most like the chicken) complain. Gail

  2. Gail- It makes me very happy to think that your old neighborhood hen has a new one to be a flock with. I bet they will start hanging out together. Chickens really seem to know very well that there is safety in numbers. I wonder where these chickens are coming from? Any idea?

  3. The rumor about the old one is someone on the next street over let 3 chickens go, and she is one of those. I recently found out the new one belongs to my next door neighbor, he bought her somewhere Thanksgiving day. They are hanging out together, the new younger one following the older one. Gail

  4. Gail- Wouldn't it be so great if every neighborhood had its own flock of chickens? Or am I living in a dream world?

  5. I think it would be great, but I think we are both dreaming. Gail

  6. I'm OK, thanks for asking. Hard not to be melancholy with the gray day and the fog, and the holiday weekend over. Things have me feeling unsettled, I guess I need to work on figuring out why or figuring out how to let go of the things that worry me. Funny, right? Like I'm in charge of how I feel. Anyhoo,

    I am so glad you are well and having a happy day that includes old and new friends and chickens. I would love to have chickens in my neighborhood.


  7. I'm charmed by your world and by Elvis, especially!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. That sounds like a terrific day! The collards will appreciate whatever you give them, I'm sure. :)

  9. Lovely! Enjoy!
    I think my day could be equally cheerful with Florida sunshine. But there is a freezing easterly wind, I have a blocked nose and I don't have chickens!!! Life is not fair.

  10. I am tired Ms. Moon. I woke up at 6:00, went to work and worked hard. Then I went water jogging. Now, I am very, very tired.

  11. Life is good, yes? I wonder sometimes how I ended up here after all the shit I thought I would not survive.

  12. Mel- "Like I"m in charge of how I feel."
    And yet, people insist that we are.
    I hope some light leaks in for you soon, darling.

    Denise- I really did.

    Angella- It made me happy too!

    Steve Reed- They need help. They really do.

    Sabine- Life is so not fair. I hope your nose clears soon. That's annoying.

    Birdie- Good Lord! I'm sure you are!

    Ellen Abbott- I still wonder how I'll survive. And yet, somehow, I do.
    I'm glad we got to this point.


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