Sunday, November 23, 2014

He's Home!

He had a terrible flight and lightening actually hit the little plane they were in and and when he came through the gate I jumped up and ran to him, he looked so beautiful. He was the first one off the plane. I had thought I'd be all cool and shit and saunter up to him but I couldn't help it, I didn't even think about it. I just ran.

So he drove us home through the dark rainy night and we talked about all the things that have happened in the past ten days and he's not even mad about the kitten but only curious and sweet and he did not shoot any deers or anything else but he got some good pictures, including one of a lynx he saw.

And now he's unpacking and I'm going to cook him rock shrimp and make a salad from greens I picked in the garden this afternoon and I think he's glad to be home. Well, he keeps saying he is. It's about ninety degrees warmer here than it was where he woke up this morning and he's having a hard time adjusting. It's lightening and thundering and raining again but all is cozy here and now he's seen the kitten and he says that yes, it is the cutest thing ever, and Maurice has greeted him and all is well.

All is very, very well.

He is home.


  1. You make (allow)me to smile about simple joy's in life.So glad your best friend is home. I knew he would understand about "our" kitten.(darlin' this story is every where.)Peace and Happy Dreams...

  2. So very glad to hear that your sweet man is back in your arms safe & sound. I hope your bed is comfortable, your night is dark and the hands that squeeze your butt are warm. Sweet dreams to you both.

  3. oh so joyous an occaision that your sweetheart is home! Martini glass in hand.....warm and loving wife and friend.......rock shrimp cooking, and he even blessed the kitten? How wonderful is that? So glad he is safely back home. Hugs to all of you
    Susan M

  4. Glad that he made it back to you safely. Lots of thunder boomers out there tonight. A small limb came down on the roof and it sounded like an explosion. We both jumped as did the dogs!

  5. mary i- He is in love with The Kittah. All is well. I am so glad he is home.

    Angie D- What a perfect wish! Thank you, love!

    Susan M- And the kitten seems to trust him as much or more than she does me. Okay. Maybe more. Dang.

    Syd- Branches all down in my yard. That is my project for tomorrow- to gather them and put them on the burn pile. They do sound so loud when they hit the roof. I know!

    Big Mamabird- Yes!

  6. I can tell just by the way your writing is in this post that all IS well.

    And as far as the kitty goes I think you do have to sit in there for hours until she ventures out. Bring treats.

  7. I am happy he is home safe. Gail

  8. Lovely, lovely. Welcome back together :)

  9. And of course, a martini helps to set things right doesn't it?
    So happy for you!

  10. You two just belong together. xo

  11. That's my kind of hunting -- with a camera!


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