Monday, November 3, 2014

Might As Well Laugh While We Can

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, Tom Magliozzi should never have gotten sick in the first place and certainly, should never have died.
Ah, lah. I had no idea he was ill, no idea even that he was 77 years old! But I surely do have some idea of how much pleasure he apparently took in his life and his work and because of that, so did all of us who enjoyed his show on NPR.
Such a sadness that he's gone. How much he is going to be missed.
I did love listening to that show, especially when he and his brother Ray would go off into old family stories about cars and kids and wives and loves and food and coffee and mishaps and relationships and human nature. To listen to that laugh of Tom's that often went so far that he was snorting and couldn't even talk.

I even loved the advice they gave about cars. It always cracked me up to listen with Mr. Moon who knows a great deal about cars because he would often diagnose the problem before the brothers got around to it. I loved the Stump The Chumps thing they did where they'd call up someone who had called in previously with a problem to see if the answer they had given turned out to be right or wrong.
It never really mattered, it was always good fun.
I always wished I could have a drink with those guys. Or two. And just get them to tell stories.
Bless him for the joy he brought and may his family know peace.

Well, it's getting late and I am completely exhausted. But good exhausted. I kept up with my boys and they loved being outside today, swinging and playing in the trees and we took a walk and I made playdough for them and rolled out snakes, over and over for Gibson to cut with a butter knife. Then Boppy got home and he played with them and I fiddled with my soup and then made pancakes for the boys because their daddy was late getting off work and they ate them up and bacon too. At least Owen will eat pancakes. And bacon. It made my heart happy to see him eat.

Early to bed tonight. See what tomorrow brings. I hope it brings laughter, which obviously will not keep us alive forever but which will definitely keep the years that we have so much sweeter.


  1. Laughter. The more I live the more I know how important it is. It is such a cliche-like thing to say "it's free". But it is and it is awesome.

  2. I think he had Alzheimer's -- I loved that show, and I care about cars about as much as I care about football which as you know is not at all. How wonderful to have a lived a life that brought joy and laughter to so many people.

    And those photos of your boys are darling.

  3. A bit ago, you were wondering whether you should dig deeper in your posts. Insinuating that maybe we were bored, or you were bored, or that what you write, your gifts to us, are inconsequential. I'm begging you to please not change a thing. Would you advise Garrison Keilor to jazz it up a little, get more philosophical, deeper? I didn't think so! I love what you write so much, please just keep being you and thank you for what you do. Love, Anon Suz

  4. Omg I love that red chippy door! I'm sorry it's been cold there. I'm glad you had a happy day with your little peanuts.

  5. Jill- Amen.

    Elizabeth- And I learned from them never to top off the gas tank. A good lesson learned.

    Anon Suz- Thank you. You know, that means a lot to me. I'm not sure I can change much about my spots at this point anyway.

    Heartinhand- That's a door down at our post office which is situated in a very old train station.

  6. We listened every day on the way home from work on satellite radio to old shows of theirs, and still do..sorry to see that he had passed.

  7. I love the stripey shirts so. They make all kids look like 70s funksters.

  8. I loved that show for their pure joie de vivre. Sad.

  9. we listen to car talk reruns on the radio every day we carpool....

    i remember reading their column in the paper when i was still in high school.

    he will be missed dearly by team larsen.


  10. Mr. Mischief- People who bring joy and laughter are saints in my book.

    Jo- They never go out of style!

    Denise- I hear that his brother is doing a tribute show this Saturday. Let's all listen.

    Mrs. A- And by so many of us. Sad, sad.

  11. Sorry to hear that he is gone as well. That show was priceless. What a great sense of humor.

  12. Syd- And to me- the better the sense of humor, the higher the intellect.


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