Sunday, March 6, 2016

Traveling Down The St. Marks River

The St. Marks River was as beautiful as it always is and always has been. The boat ran great and no one fell in the water and the Fanta Red Strawberry soda which got spilled wiped right up and the boys were wild.

I even had to use my GRANDMOTHER voice at one point and it seemed to make an impression because Owen quit stomping on the deck the way he was doing and settled down into playing dungeon with his brother. The dungeon is the little cubby where we store life preservers and whatever else needs to be stowed away and it figured large on this jaunt. Vergil showed Gibson how to unlock it from the inside and I was all- why did you teach him that?
Gibson kept wanting to throw the anchor out and drive the boat and both boys got a chance to do that. There were many throwings around of the terms "Captain" and "First Mate" and "Ay, Matey's" and so forth. Also eating of chips and salsa and crackers and cheese and pepperoni and breast and botttle feeding and some book reading. 

At one point, Boppy made the boat go fast and the boys were beyond excitement. "Go SUPER SPEED!" yelled Gibson and then he hit his eye on a rod-holder and cut it (his eye, not the rod holder) and cried for a moment and then stopped and it was as if nothing had happened at all. 
Maybe there was a dungeon moment. 

All I have to say about being a grandmother is that you can't make any predictions about how it's going to go any more than you can make predictions about how motherhood is going to go. 

All the way down to the coast Boppy and Mer told stories about our childhoods, prompted by Owen. Stories about baby pigs and Christ-like figures named Chester and discovering ancient ruins where lions waited to spit water into a cement pool. And of dogs named Snoopy and catching sting rays off a dock and at one point Owen said, "It's like you two were meant to be together."

I have some smart grandchildren. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a perfect day, even if it was a little crazy :) You should record some of those stories on tape or film for those boys, it would be a treasure for them someday. And those are some smart grandkids, you and Glen are perfect.

  2. That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard Owen say.

  3. Such a wonderful family day. I think the grandmother voice those rambunctious sweet boys will remember is the one that tells them stories.

  4. Mel- I find it so amusing that Owen loves these stories. I think he believes we grew up when dinosaurs ruled the earth. "What kind of toys did you have?" he asks. I want to tell him we made our own toys from sticks and saber-toothed tiger fangs.

    Elizabeth- He can be a sweetie, that one. Or a sassy little child. Depending.

    Ramona- I'm glad.

    Angella- They need to know when to pay attention to The Grandmother Voice and the less I use it, the more impressive it is.
    But they like the story one better for sure.

    Steve Reed- They are!

    Ellen Abbott- It was indeed!

  5. So great to see this little slice of the now life of you all with the gals, the grandkids, the son in law. My how time is just flowing right along. x0 N2

  6. "Like you two were meant to be together" - hahaha! So sweet :)


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