Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let There Be Light...Maybe Tomorrow?

I slept and I slept and I slept so hard that I didn't get out of bed until Mr. Moon called at 9:30 and the bed is barely disturbed. I don't even think I turned over once but stayed in the exact same position I was in when I turned out the light.
All of my plans to get out into the yard to work seem a bit overwhelming today, although perhaps I will, eventually, find the energy. For now I just feel a big foggy, a bit sore, as if instead of laying paralyzed all night I had been fighting with demons.

It's gray here today and that's all right. Spring is still upon us.

That's how much a bamboo can shoot up in one night. I'd say about eight inches tall. 

All of the chickens. Maurice and Jack both followed me out to watch the daily chicken-release ritual but it was Jack today who followed me around the yard. 

He is a most affectionate and curious fellow, that Jack. He ran about and then climbed a tree as if to show off his skills to his old human mama. 

He is still a young thing and I am very glad he's come to live with us. He's charmed Mr. Moon completely. 

The wisteria is blooming in the bamboo.

It's a weed. It's invasive. It is glorious.

The honeysuckle continues to bloom.

Could there be a prettier word? A sweeter word?

Oh dear Lord. I have so much to do and feel as if I've been shelled, I've been skinned, I've been de-scaled and am naught but a wiggling pink worm of a thing, trying to shelter myself from everything. 
Which is fine. 
This is a good gray day in a just-right place for doing exactly that.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wisteria may be invasive, but I don't care. I'm glad you're in the right place to appreciate and express your vulnerabilities -- which you always do so artfully!

  2. I've been told that both wisteria and honeysuckle are weeds, but oh, how I love them! When I was a kid I had a honeysuckle bush outside my bedroom window. My Mama would put a fan in front of my window and oh, the sweet smells! Whenever I smell it it takes me back to being in my Barbie pj's laying in bed and smelling that honeysuckle. The fan also flung flying insects that flew through the screen, but I can overlook that. I'm lucky enough to have an old bush of it in my yard, and though it's not directly outside my window, I can sit on my deck and suck in that glorious smell.

  3. Wrap yourself up.

    How nice to be a weed that spreads such fragrance and beauty!

  4. I went to a doctor's appointment on Monday...Besides a gyno visit at Planned Parenthood (which was also insanely overdue), it's been about 13 years since I have set foot in a doctors office. Oh, well except when my arm got broken, but that doesn't count. I don't even know how to explain rationally why, but at least the doctor was super nice and nonjudgmental...So my blood pressure is also too high... i would hug you so but since I can't send, I instead hug wishes.

  5. Steve Reed- As I always say, I am the luckiest woman in the world.

    Catrina- What a vivid and perfect childhood memory! Thank you for sharing it. I am going to pick some of that honeysuckle tomorrow and bring it into the house so that we can smell it too.

    Jo- I know! And...purple as purple can be!

    Big Mamabird- The Nurse Practitioner I want to go see who practices in the office of the doctor that all of my grandchildren go to said to me, "I think it's healthy not to go to the doctor very often."
    Quite unfortunately, that office is not taking new patients of my age.
    And I have to say that my own practitioner did not lecture me at all yesterday. I told her that I never get sick which is why she never sees me and also, I told her about my anxiety. Once again. Which I think she never remembers. But she was sweet about it and said that it was good that I never get sick. So there was that.

  6. It's amazing to me that anything would grow as fast as that bamboo. Although I guess it's like that in the rain forests ... but still. We don't really see that in the northerly regions.

    I'm glad Jack is bringing you and Mr Moon some joy. He is a handsome thing, isn't he?

  7. Catching up here when I can. NM state parks have free wifi but it's useless so I "plug-in" in town when I can which isn't often. It's the next best thing to actually visiting, seeing all the pics of the babies and the critters and plants. I miss you! XXOO
    love to all.


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