Thursday, March 17, 2016


An osprey nest in a crane. As I understand it these nests are protected and this crane will be sitting right there for a long, long time. Sturdiest platform for a bird of prey family home on the island. 

Another shot. The parents are busy flying out over the water to find supper for their babies. 

Whelk egg case. Each of those little plasticine-like segments is a neat pocket which contains many miniature whelks. 

Do you see the scarification on this pine? This came to be during the days when pine trees were tapped for their turpentine. That pattern of cuts was called "cat face." This is one of the trees which the shifting beach patterns has finally killed and I had never noticed it until today. That tree is well over a hundred years old. There are pines on our little piece of property here which bear the same sort of scarring. I wonder, as I always do, what the lives of the people were like who were consigned to do this job. I really can't imagine. 

One of the trees on the bay beach which has been overtaken. I will tell you that there are places where the sand has accrued and there are broad curved beaches of clean white sand but the way the roots have risen above the level of the sand in the washed away parts make me feel as if one starlit night the old pines will simply walk their way into the woods, taking their sculptured-by-time-and-wind-and-water-and-sand roots with them. 

Love letter in the sand. 

It has been a day of a sort of quiet ecstasy. I have felt almost complete release from anxiety and depression. I feel as relaxed and at peace as if I had done hours of yoga or drunk deeply of the kava bowl. It has stormed and rained and I have read and napped and then taken a good, slow walk along the bay with my love- heaven. 

I can't remember a more peaceful day. A more loving day. Once again I am reminded of how much I love the times I spend with only my husband. After all of these years to know such pleasure! Can there be anything better?

It is raining again. The sunset is obscured by gray curtains and we are all alone in this paradise. I have not seen another human being aside from Mr. Moon since we left the dock yesterday. 

Listen: Healing is possible. I have experienced proof of that today. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This makes my heart so glad.

  2. Always thankful for the heaven that comes after a suffering has passed. Good to hear of yours...

  3. I mist Google whelk since I have no idea what they are. But first I'll say that your words are pure bliss! And I believe you're experiencing your bliss, too!

  4. You and Mr Moon give me hope.

  5. So happy to hear this. Keep on.

  6. I'm so glad you're having a good, relaxed, enjoyable time!

  7. Please put this feeling somewhere safe, and take it out and hold each time you need to. xx

  8. I love the thought of the old trees walking back into the woods!


  9. i had to read up on whelks too. I sure hope that's the truth about the cranes and the osprey nests. I think kava drunk is my favotite.


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