Saturday, March 5, 2016

I Am Officially And Truly Old

No, y'all. Just, no.
I am not meant to go out on a Friday night anymore.
Or probably any night, for that matter.
It was fun, getting ready, painting my eyes and picking out what necklace I wanted to wear, putting my silver bracelets on my arm. It was fun kissing my handsome husband and driving in to town with the sunset in front of us.
But then when we got to the restaurant there were people. Lots of people. And noise. Plenty of noise. Way too much noise. And when it finally came time for us to leave, I was so fucking happy I could have died and felt like I needed some heroin to calm down.

Let's face it- I can't handle that much sensory overload. I simply can't. And I don't have to.

Lord, Lord. I am so happy I live in Lloyd.

So good morning and it's a beautiful morning and Scott is coming over and he and Mr. Moon are going to do something on Scott's new truck and Jessie and August are coming out and we might go get baby chickens!

Yes. This is what I'm supposed to be doing. And if I want to paint my eyes and wear silver, I should just do it right here where my chickens are, my flowers are, my beautiful old house is, where my very true heart is.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. that has nothing to do with being old. I'm planning on spending the day in the yard digging in the dirt and planting things...out here in the country...where there are no people. well, some people.

  2. For me, the idea of a thing often ends up being better than the thing itself. You're singing my song.

  3. I can't bear noisy, crowded places either. And I'm only 40 years old. That's just how some of us are, nothing wrong with it! :)

  4. There is a corner shop down the road from, a sweet shop. A bread and milk and newspapers and the thing you forgot from the supermarket shop. The woman who owns it is a tall and elegant. She's perhaps 60 (or still in her 50s, I don't know) and she has a lavender hair-do, and she wears the most fabulous clothes to sell sweets to the neighbourhood kids. Once I mentioned something about keeping the kids' clothes for special occasions and then having them grow out of them, and she said she'd made a decision never to do that, so now she dresses up every day, for herself, and she loves it. She's not wrong - she looks wonderful.

  5. Maybe next time you two could go to an early supper. At four o'clock - around here anyway - the restaurants are empty. Or go for a mid-afternoon lunch. Or find a tiny place that's not where the "in" people go; it might be quieter. Get a booth - it's cozier than a table. Go for takeout and eat it in the car. Have a picnic. You can still get out, you can still dress up a little!

    I have to say, I'm the same way, though. So - do as I say, not as I do :)

  6. I am so with you here Mary. The dressing up part is fun but I don't enjoy being in a crowd. The best thing is getting home and taking off your bra. Wretched bloody things they are .,

    1. I am also a silver wearer and wear some silver bangles that never come off .

  7. Loud restaurants are always a drag. I'm pretty sure I felt that way when I was younger, too!

  8. I felt old yesterday after riding for over three hours. Went to bed at 8:30 which must be a record for me. Anyway, I know what you mean about going out at night. I am tired the next day.

  9. "Paint your eyes and put on your silver" can be a good plan for a day at home and more peaceful too. By staying home you can still have the glamour :) and avoid those noisy crowds.


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