Thursday, March 31, 2016

Babies, Etc.

Well, Ms. Magnolia had a perfectly fine day with her Mermer and her brother who still runs up to her and kisses her on the head and says, "You're so cute! I love you!" and then runs off. We did the usual things including egg-gathering and bottle-feeding and carrot-pulling and bamboo-kicking and diaper-changing and porch-swing-swinging and sky-and-trees-bending-and-waving-in-the-breeze-observing. This girl is just full of smiles and I even got to take a tiny, sweet nap with her on my bed while Jessie watched Gibson for me. I drew her towards me and put my arm around her and it was heaven.

Gibson was glad to be back at Mer's and for lunch he wanted two scrambled eggs which he helped me to make and then part of a giant carrot and also a few sour flowers.

And lest you think we are too healthy around here, he also had three prunes, some Chex Mix and an enormous dill pickle. 

Jessie and August had come out so that when Lily got here after picking up Owen, we could all go to the Monticello Tractor Supply and look at baby chicks. 

Let me just say right now that going to look at baby chicks with two daughters who are completely centered on small, baby-like creatures and two grandsons who keep running up with dinosaurs they want you to buy (yes, they have dinosaurs at the Tractor Supply as well as a bunch of other cool toys and also overalls and kerchiefs and equine supplies and...well...everything) is not the best idea in the world. You may end up with three unsexed Barred Plymouth Rock chickens and three banties of indeterminate breed, one of which is probably going to die before morning. 
Oh well. They are cute. 
I had sworn not to get any bantam chickens because they are one of the predators' main taste treat, being so tiny and tender but when we saw the tiny gray one, we swooned and that's what we have and there you go. The little gray one is Violet for sure and if she turns out to be a rooster, I suppose we can call her Vince. 

Here we go again, folks! 
I ended up paying over sixty dollars for fifteen dollars worth of chickens plus chick feed, plus pine bedding, plus a feeder, plus dinosaurs. And one tractor for August. 

Jessie had me take this picture and she put it on her midwife's FB page, advising her that Monticello has some real deals on home delivery.

I just went and checked on the babies and they're all still alive and seem to be well. I am not giving them my heart yet because you know damn well what happens when I do that. Chicks are immensely strong as well as fragile and I hope that they all grow up to be thriving members of the Moon Flock but we can never know what will happen. They could all turn out to be roosters, for one thing. I am with chicken raising much as I am with gardening- every year that I do it is another year for me to realize that I don't know shit. 

Oh well. We are having carrot salad tonight and I do know that for the past two years I have grown some magnificent carrots. 
And to add to that- I have been one of the progenitors of some magnificent children and grandchildren. 

Oh. Here's one more picture. 

Gus isn't really interested in eating but he certainly does love to chew on a spoon. And that's his first hair-do.
Baby steps. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm so glad all went well with the babies. They are so squeezable love able! And the chickens are sweet too. I am sure you are tired from the day even tho it was filled with cuteness. Peace tonight.

  2. May I ask how you make your carrot salad? Cooked or raw? Always looking for ways to make carrots taste better, since we don't have the ones that are fresh out of the ground but the ones that sit in plastic bags for ages. Those babies are growing every single day!!

  3. That last picture is my favorite! Baby bath hairdo cuteness!!!!

  4. Gus just keeps getting cuter x

  5. I had o doubt the day would be fine.

  6. That hair is too precious for words!

  7. Gus is teething, right? Or is it too early for that? Love the Alfalfa hair. (Well, kind of Alfalfa-ish.)

    Now I see how you wound up with the chicks. If they all were roosters, could they live together or would they be fighting all the time, vying for dominance? Mick seemed to know his place with Elvis but of course they weren't the same generation.


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