Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Am The Luckiest Woman In The World, Part 10,000

All right. Call the cuteness control squad.

This child. Looking at her mother with such love.

And pure delight. 
When she smiles, she smiles with her whole being. She'd just had a nursey in the car after Target shopping. As did August. 

Here's the second suspect in the cuteness-breaking-the-world crime. 

It was his first time to sit in the cart seat and he was absolutely stunned and amazed. And happy. 
For a few minutes, at least. 

Here are the co-conspirators after a lunch nap. 

Guilty, your honor. Guilty of exceeding the cuteness limit, of being adorable beyond redemption. 

This is why whenever my kids text or call me and say, "Do you want to go..."
I don't even bother to see where or when. I just pretty much say, "Of course!"

And then I trudge my old Mermer self out and follow my daughters around and sniff fuzzy heads and hold babies and tickle and nibble toes and push carts or do whatever needs and deserves to be done because these children are not going to be this age ever again and...
What the hell am I saying? Their age isn't going to matter because pretty soon they're going to be the most adorable toddlers, toddling around together and their mamas are going to need even more help (they don't really need my help, I just use that as an excuse) and it's going to be impossible to not go anywhere with them whenever I am asked. 

And frankly, it makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world that my kids want to hang out with me even though they do sometimes make fun of me and remind me of things I did when they were children that make me apologize profusely and promise to pay their therapy bills although sometimes, they also remind me of things that I did that make me quietly proud. 
Hell. We do our best. And when I observe them, as mothers, I know I did okay. 

Plus. We laugh ourselves silly, talking about sex and stuff that you can talk about with your grown daughters. 

And I love that my kids know I am a completely imperfect being and that I've never lied about that and they still love me anyway. 

And we ate lunch with Hank who also seems to love his mama and yeah, it was a sweet day although we ate so much at the Indian buffet that we couldn't sample a damn thing at Costco and WE HATE THAT! And they were sampling everything, goddam it. Everything except coffee, which is what we needed. 

After I dropped off the sisters and babies at Lily's house and hugged and loved on my boys who are doing much better, I came home and set up the ironing board and ironed. It was awesome. 

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they first stumble on my blog. What is this blog about? Grandchildren? Chickens? Gardens? Cooking? Anxiety and depression? Aging? Florida? Keith Richards? 

And I would have to say YES! All of that. 
But mostly what it's about is love. 

All right. I'm going to go cook our supper. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Indeed this blog is about love and family. It is like a soothing cup of tea after a long walk, it's about nature, love , family , chickens and babies . It's about comfort and it's like my mother stroking my forehead and feeling contented .

  2. Yes, your blog is about all of the above.....which is why we k ep coming back! You remind all of us to count our blessings.

  3. I am feeling rather emotional today, all of the mood map. The picture of your grandbabies sitting beside each other brought tears to my eyes. How totally and completely wonderful.
    Do people ask if they are twins? They are looking closer to the same age now.

  4. The sweetness of those cousins growing up together!

  5. What's your blog about? LIFE! All of it from the most beautiful to the depths.
    All of it.

    And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul.

    I grew up with my cousins as your grandchildren are doing, and there is nothing better than that!
    I'm now 64 and my cousins are still among my best friends...your children's children are blessed,
    in more ways than can be counted!

  6. Yes, except for that anxiety, you are the luckiest MerMer in the world. Four healthy and beautiful grandchildren and all that love. Four healthy and beautiful children and all that love. Three sons-in-laws and all that love. A handsome, nice husband and all his love. Nothing else is important. Maggie and August are the best cuties around. I take it back. You are not the luckiest, you are the most deserved. You created this love. You are love personified.

  7. I had to come back for more fix of babies (is that weird?) and the one picture of August looks like he was caught doing something naughty and Magnolia is beyond cute with her smiles. I love your daughter's children.

  8. Not lying about being imperfect makes you just about perfect.

  9. Magnolia was such a serious little thing at first and now she is SO smiley! Love the baby pics.

  10. I'm thinking I understood all of that. Ha! So we grow.

    I have my first grandchild coming next July. Can't even imagine. Have been resting from the mayhem of raising three kids and loving it. but I think I will be like you. If I do receive a call, I'll be right back in there. Enjoyed it.

  11. GOOD BLOOPING GRIEF THAT BABY! I would keep her under lock and key. All those babies. Wish i could bring my mom such joy with gandbabies someday (i mean i could, but ya, no, not gonna happen). Sweetness. Thank you.

  12. Which is why I can't stay away...

  13. Those pics of Magnolia are beyond all cuteness. Of course your kids want to hang with you! Who wouldn't? You're awesome. Big love.

  14. Leisha- That makes me so happy. Thank you.

    Gloria Williams- Hello! Thanks for commenting and thanks for it being such a sweet one.

    Birdie- People do ask about their relationship but since both mothers are always very much present, they don't think they are siblings so much.

    Angella- I always think of your kids and their beloved cousins and how sweet that relationship is.

    Lulumarie- Yep. Life. Thank you. And I wish I were closer to my cousins. Hell, I wish I were closer to my brothers! I think these babies will grow up with each other to be very close. I hope so.
    I adore you by the way.

    Joanne- I give so much credit to my husband who has given me the strength and the stability to be able to love so fully. And the example of his family showed me so much. He is my knight in shining armor, my love, my blessing. I swear.
    Thank you for loving my babies.

    Paula- Oh! How I hope you get a grandchild or two! They will be the luckiest children on earth! I love you so much.

    jenny_o- Smiling is Maggie's default expression. I swear. She suddenly just bloomed into it!

    Midlife Roadtripper- Congratulations! Oh, you're going to love being a grandmother. It's incredibly special.

    Ajax- Can I say that I am so glad you're part of the community again? Thank you. Always.
    And you can love on my grands any day.

    Mwa- I'm so glad you don't stay away!

    Ellen Abbott- Amen, dear woman.

    Yolie- And they love martinis too! Miss you, woman!

  15. I honestly didn't know how to respond to these pictures, but 'GOOD BLOOPING GRIEF' is just perfect :D

  16. Definitely cuteness overload. They are something else.


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