Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Miss Nicey under the wisteria arbor.
It's another perfect day here and the chickens are all over the yard and one of the Chi-Cha's is in the henhouse, cackling about her egg. Mick is under the bird feeder and is being too lazy to go and get her but keeps crowing to tell her where the flock is.
Chickens are so busy. Until it's nap time.
My peas are up and I'm feeling the need to go find some new baby chicks. I'd love to order some really fancy ones but you have to order a bunch of them and I don't want to take on more than six or so.

A Chi-Cha and Lisa Marie under the white camellias. 

Pink camellias taking a little sun bath. 

Peaceful. And I can feel the sap rising, the buds swelling, the exact correctness of warm earth nurturing new growth.

I wish I could offer the whole world a bit of it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is definitely spring here on the Texas Gulf Coast. I even saw a Monarch caterpillar yesterday.

    I'm kind of like your chickens--very busy until time to take a nap.

    Hope you enjoy the sunshine and camelias.

  2. I love camellias. my dad used to grow them. I tried a time or two but they didn't survive. I should try again. It's another lovely spring day here as well.

  3. My son started raising chickens for eggs for his family of seven, then started getting some just because they're cute. They now have six Seramas. Full grown they're a little taller than a soda can, and the hens lay gorgeous little blue or green eggs. They also have ducks, rabbits and goats now. Our family calls him Farmer Chad but I sure do love getting two dozen eggs a week!

  4. And you do offer it, here. Beautiful photos and writing.

  5. Miss Nicey looks like she's in Mrs Tiggy Winkle.

    Miss Henny Penny


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