Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Girl Needs A Valium And A Come To Jesus

And one morning later and the anxiety rolls in like a tsunami and I keep listing all of the things in my head I need to do and I feel flattened and fibrillated both at the same time and yet, I did wake up with Maurice in my very arms, her tail curled nicely into my hand.
Still, I had to get up and here I am and trash is taken and laundry is going and I'm going to town, always going to town, and I need to calm the FUCK down because the world does not spin itself around my tiny little ego, my microscopic little presence.
Breathe in, breathe out and let that shit go.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Started reading you not long ago. Just wanted to say you're not alone in this today. To use an old Quaker saying, you've spoken to my condition, and I'm grateful.

  2. Your presence is HUGE in my world. I hope this passes soon. Fingers and heart crossed for you Mary Moon.

  3. *THE WORLD* does not spin itself around my tiny little ego, my microscopic little presence but *YOUR* world does. So don't be hard on yourself. xo

  4. What Birdie said.

    You know, on days like today, it can be good to just be still and watch the light change, read or listen to a book, watch a movie or series, breathe breathe breathe. It's harder to do nothing when others are around depending on you, but if you're alone for a minute, why not let everything go, and just be.

    On the other hand, sometimes when I'm in this place, it doesn't help to have too much space to think! So if staying busy works better for you, I get that too.

    I love you dear Mary. This too will pass.

  5. Ugh. Thank god for orange cats in one's arms. Thank god for coffee and spring and the fact that anxiety never sticks around forever, but fuck anxiety, that asshole.

  6. These fluctuations in our personal universes really gets to me sometimes, how does that shit work?!? Heart hugs sent winging your way.

  7. Thinking of you. All will be well again.

  8. I marvel at how so many of us succeed at this whole getting-out-of-bed business day, after day, after day, given our cumulative losses, the heartbreak, and, and, and... It's all so much.

  9. I am with you tonight for some reason. Maybe something in the universe??? I hope tomorrow the anxiety disappears for us.


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