Friday, March 11, 2016

How To Southern (This Post Has Been Edited- Thank-You Ellen Abbott!)

Lis and I just made about forty pounds of potato salad in record time. That's what it looked like before I mixed in all of the mayonnaises, etc. It is a traditional southern potato salad. Here's what's in it: potatoes, eggs, onions, celery, bread and butter pickle relish, salt, pepper, and some chopped up garden carrot. Mayonnaise AND Miracle Whip. Paprika on top. And mustard. Of course mustard!

That is all for now.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. It is definitely not traditionally southern to put carrots in potato salad. Please don't judge me harshly.

P.P.S. Potato salad must be served at all events in the south. These may include weddings, funerals, fish fries, birthday parties, Easter dinner, any Sunday dinner, and whenever you feel the need to eat tastefully of the soothing and healing combination of potatoes and mayonnaise.


  1. My mom had the exact same recipe, minus the carrots, but plus diced apples.

  2. Suspicious of the carrots, but I'd eat it with a spoon in a heartbeat all the same.

    Yes to mustard!

  3. The image of you two beautiful crone goddesses creating your magic in preparation of May's wedding just thrills me! But now I'm craving tater salad! The addition of carrots is intriguing. Were they boiled like the potatoes? I recently learned of adding carrots to rutabagas which I am loving. So I might have to give this a try.
    Sending love and best wishes for May & Michael's special day!

  4. No carrots for me, please. But the rest is exactly how I make it.

  5. At Christmas we eat German style potato salad , ridiculously tasty. I must be part southern cos that salad looks de bloody licous.....

  6. I don't do relish, miracle whip or carrots but add celery seed and mustard. I love how recipes vary. Enjoy!

  7. Craving potato salad now here in the Big Gray. I use Dijon and curry powder in mine. I've never met a potato I didn't like. Love you Mary Moon!!!


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