Saturday, March 19, 2016

And It Was Fine And It Is Good

Not long after I posted that picture in the previous post, the sky cleared and the wind stopped whistling through the dunes and pines like Satan's Ragtime Band and it began to look like that.

And this.

Oh bugger. We had no excuse not to leave. 

And so we did and now we're home, laundry going and I need to start supper. I've done a little tidying up and peed in the corners (my metaphor for reclaiming my space, I don't really pee in the corners) and I brought back the blooming wild rosemary I had picked and here it is in Lloyd.

It's good to be home. I swear it is. But it's not like I had to give a huge sigh of relief and release when we got to Lloyd. I truly and really felt as if the island loved me again and now I can't wait to get back there. I had a completely magical time and my husband did too, I think. 
Here's the picture he sent me when he was going out on the boat yesterday.

That is a happy man. 
And in the space of about two hours, he caught five grouper, one of which was the biggest he's ever caught on that boat. 

He wears a size 16 shoe, y'all. 

It's not grouper season yet so he had to let them all go. But it sure did make him happy to catch those fish. He's going out in a few weeks with some friends when the season opens. May he have such luck again because Mama wants some grouper to cook. 

I am as grateful for the past four days as I can possibly be and I feel fine. 

For a real hoot, here's a link to the house that Mr. Moon and I lived in before we moved to Lloyd. It's up for sale because the people who bought it are getting a divorce. I feel so sorry for them. They have made some changes and improvements in the house but the bones of it are the same as when we lived there. 
It's a beautiful home and I planted a lot of the trees you can see in the pictures. I did love that pool so much. But I never did feel at home there. I could never sleep well there, ever. But Lord, did we have some good parties. 
Ah well. A part of my life. And now here we are in Lloyd with our chickens and cats and garden and centuries-old oak trees. 

Maurice and Jack just touched noses. 

I am home. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Boy, you sure get a lot more house for your money in Florida than here on the West Coast.

  2. it's a showcase home, very manicured and posh, like the homes here in the grosse points. where you live now is more my style, i love a house that feels like people LIVE there.


  3. That Hank- Me too!

    A- I have no doubt.

    Mrs. A- It's a beautiful home and I'm glad I got to live there and I'm glad I'm where I am now.

  4. Well I only know you on T internet. T is the same the in some parts of Northern Britain much ignored by out govt the north. Anyway feeling very Northern as our vile govt becomes more like a farce as days go by! I guess you know what I mean with the Trump saga. Anyway whatever totally gone off at tangent! But I feel in my heart that the house you are in now is more you than T other one. Anyway am delighted you had such a fine time. I see Elizabeth on Moon worn as a shell has been getting some
    Have mercy Mary Moon you sorely tempt me to drag my decrepit batty old bint bod to Manchester to get some of that healing. We shall see.

    Love that you loved going and coming back. Tis a fine thing. Love to you and yours from me and mine Maggi xxx

  5. Above is nonsense and the vile blogstapo unerves me and makes me post without proper proof reading. I meant to say T is the same as THE in parts of the north But got sidetracked by latest govt vileness. I suppose the most ridiculous thing is that I still almost believe they won't behave like nasty rich people lording it over us as they always have. Seethe! Sorry.

    The rest of it is what I meant to say and is from my heart.

    Maggi xxx Hoping Blogstapo kind to me or laptop might end up in bits!

  6. Am back not stopping. Just tried to write a post on Elizabeth's post about her first Bruce expirience. Proof read it and it was all good and less of a rant. Didn't go on about Brit govt ot Trump or anything and the goddammed thing disappeared! Tried 3 times! Ate the blasted thing! I hate tech! This is why I don't comment much! Seethe. Would you be kind enough to tell her I am so glad she enjoyed it and she really deserves such a magical night and love from me over here in England Love to you to and sorry to anybody having to listen to this garbage. Might start writing letters. Mary Moon Woman of Substance Post Office Lloyd Florida Elizabeth A LA America. Campaigner writer bajer of cakes. Maggi xxx

  7. There is no denying that's a lot of house! Wow. A little sterile, though, maybe. And the not sleeping well thing is interesting. ... plus, the other owners' divorce... hmm.

    I'm so glad you found peace and happiness on Dog Island this time.

  8. That is quite the hacienda you two had there. Your present house has more heart. I'm so happy your time on the island was good.

  9. I am glad you are home and that you had a great time. Mr Moon could be a poster man for the island he is so happy. The cats touched noses and all is well.

  10. So weird. I can't imagine you in that former house. Where you are now is so full of life, so lush with nature, so rich in character. That other place is nice, but it's missing the soul your place now possesses. I guess if you still lived in the other place it would have a different feel tho. I guess. Glad you're home and that Dog Island loved you so well. Makes me smile.

  11. nope nope nope. can't see you in that house. though I guess you raised your kids there.

  12. When you lived in that house it was not "sterile"!
    It was lived in and loved in, just as any place would be
    if the Moon family inhabited it...
    That being said, your Lloyd homestead is the one that
    is the perfect fit for you and yours!!!

  13. Maggi- Thank you for the sweetness, darling! what you can to go see Bruce. You KNOW you won't regret it!
    And I'll tell Elizabeth for you. I'm pretty sure that if you did write me with that address it would find its way to my box!

    Jo- Well, it wasn't sterile when I lived there! Trust me! Can I just say that I funked it up with my own true style? As you can only imagine.

    Allison- We only lived there five years. We bought it from a distant cousin of Mr. Moon's. I always felt as if the real owners were going to arrive at any moment.

    Joanne- That's the truth! He does love that island. Fishing all day if he wants...
    He's so handsome when he's happy, isn't he?

    Angella- Oh, you should have seen it when we lived there. It looked very, very different. That huge window in the kitchen was filled with my treasures and twinkle lights. And that's just one small difference. But still, it wasn't really me. I did have a kick-ass garden between the pool and the porch, filled with roses and herbs and lettuces in the winter. It got so much sun. I loved that little garden.

    Ellen Abbott- We only lived there five years. It was an interesting five years. Trust me.

    Lulumarie- You are right! That house looked completely different when I lived there. Remember how I had to leave up that wallpaper to make Lis happy? She loved that house. I think I bought it for her. Tee-hee.

  14. I agree with everyone else about the house, but ... SIZE 16 SHOES??? Oh my! And yes, Mr Moon looks even happier than usual. He is a smiler!

  15. Mr. Moon looks just like a big kid on Christmas morning! Funny how happiness just washes the years away from us.


  16. See, now I can see you living in that house and with your tribe of kids it would not have been at all sterile. Just another chapter, I guess. The pool and really the whole house is gorgeous. Glen's foot reminds me of my son's also size 16 narrow. Hard to fit.


  17. Of course it wasn't sterile when you lived there! Ha, it's crying out for a madonna or two now :)


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