Monday, March 21, 2016

All Of This AND Miso Soup

Do you remember the Bradford pears and how I despaired that they were never going to drop their leaves? Well, they finally did and look what's happening- their cotton white blooms are coming out already.

The wisteria on the arbor is starting to bud and I even see tiny bits of purple.

Look, Rebecca! The fig leaves are unfurling!

The bromeliad I have growing in the stump in the front yard is showing off its alien blossom. 

My buckeye is blooming too! 

It's that time of year. The camellias have their last blossoms still coming and the azaleas are looking like sweet little old ladies tarted up in their Easter best. 

The oak trees have put on their chartreuse petticoats

and the pollen from them covers everything. 

Even cats. Although it doesn't show up on Maurice

as she is already in the pollen-color range. 

The cardinals and the red-winged blackbirds fight for rights at the feeder. Mick is being kept busy, running back and forth from the hen house. 

Spring. Here we are, for sure and for real even though I am wearing one of my Goodwill cashmere sweaters, perhaps for the last time this year. I am basking in the coolness, knowing how soon the heat will overtake us. 

And because this is Owen's last day of spring break, we'll be meeting at Japanica! at noon for our lunch. 

I am not sure how things could be any sweeter. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. same same here. only my wisteria on the shop fence is not coming out. I think it may have died except that wisteria is a weed and doesn't die. one or two branches are coming out but I think they are attached to a different root a few feet away.

  2. It is all bloomy here as well. But it is cold and wet and rainy as well.

    When our very old cat used to go outside he would nap on the sundeck and would be covered in yellow pollen. He was black so it showed up really well.


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