Sunday, March 20, 2016

And Just Like That, Gibson Is Four

Gibson holding his sister, Magnolia June. 

Four years ago today on the first day of Spring, Gibson was born. Do you remember?
Here's the link to the post I wrote after he arrived.
And here's what he looked like that day.

It was such a beautiful birth with his mama and his daddy and his aunties. Lily did such a great job and Jason was cool as a cucumber and his hands were the ones to catch him, to hand him to his mother. And we were all filled with the love and the joy that babies bring with them, intact and complete, full and perfect. 

He has grown so much in four years. Obviously. But what a joy it's been watching this little man cub with his husky old blues man voice, his sturdy body, his snuggly ways, growing from baby to boy. I've never met a child quite as eager to fit his body into yours for a cuddle. 

He has been our jolly little man for four years. 

And oh, how we love him. 

Happy birthday, my darling Gibson! I can't remember a time before you were here. 

You wild, sweet, precious boy. 

Happy birthday! 

See you in a few hours. 



  1. Happy Birthday dear Gibson! Eat lots of cake!

  2. Happy Birthday Gibson! Gail

  3. He is such a cute little guy! I wasn't reading here when he was born. Does he not look quite a lot like Gus?! Happy Birthday, Gibson!

  4. Happy birthday Gibson! Family resemblance is strong! In the early pictures, Gibson reminds me so much of Gus!

  5. He's such a dote. Happy Birthday, little big man. I love the retrospective.

  6. Happy birthday, sweet adorable Gibson! Yes at one point there August reminded me of him. Your family is so beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday! Shouldn't be only be 2? Time is flying by!

    I like Gibson's hat. Was it Owen or Gibson that went through that hat stage? Or both?

  8. Happy birthday Gibson! It's hard to believe, seems like just a couple of years ago. He was the smiling-est child I ever saw, always beaming.


  9. I love that photo of Gibson in the shirt with the cherries, looking at the cake with Mr Moon. He looks thoroughly perplexed!


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