Friday, March 18, 2016

There are certain things which must be done on Dog Island so as to follow ritual. One of these is to take what one swears will be a short walk and which ends up being at least an hour or so in duration. While Mr. Moon took the boat out today to go fish in the Gulf (definitely a must-do for him), I took one of those short walks. It was much shorter than the walks I used to convince Jessie to take with me when she was but a child and we'd end up dragging ass home three or four hours later, exhausted, sun-burned, and sore. But distances are so deceptive at the beach. 
"Just up to that point!" We swear, only to realize the the point is approximately five miles away. 
Oh well. We've never once collapsed and died on the sand yet. 

So yes, I took a short walk down through the pines and blooming Rosemary and over to the Gulf. 

Here's a house where I spied someone fishing from the upper porch. 

He looked to be having a fine time. That house has already been moved back once in the seventeen years we've been coming down here. Eventually the sea will take it as it has taken others before it. Enjoy it while you can...

I didn't walk on the Gulf beach too long. The bay is infinitely more interesting to me with its sea oats and trees and birds. 
When I got to the marsh pond where Mr. Moon sometimes gets bait I disturbed a majestic great blue heron. You can see the pond on the right in the top picture above. Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of the heron. 
My heart soared when I saw him and I was sorry to have interrupted his fishing. 

I was very glad though to see beaches which have actually grown since we've been taking these walks. At one place I saw, in front of dunes which at one point had been partially eaten away, such a fine new stretch of white sand that not only were sea oats growing on it but also a beautiful, four foot green and thriving baby pine tree. 
The good water giveth and the good water taketh away. 

A few more things on the Dog Island check list: 
Sit on the porch and watch the water and sky and birds. 
There are so many Ospreys this year. And ducks! I have never seen so many ducks. And Pelicans. 

Eat. A lot. 
Check and check. 

I am quite proud that we have waited until the civilized hour of "after five" until we've cracked our first beers. 

I do not feel as if I need to expound on that. But yes. Check and check. 

Listen to CD's by Compay Segunda, Jimmy Buffet, and also and most especially, The Buena Vista Social Club. 
Check, check, check. 

Play cards and curse like motherfuckers. 
Done and done. 

The years of score sheets are some of the most amusing reading to be found here. 

Throw out expired foods. The oldest thing I threw out today was a bottle of steak sauce from 2007. 
Good riddance!  

Read and read and read.  Magazines and books and the snake trails under the house and the clouds as they pass over the house and bay. 

Wonder about the people who lived here eons and eons ago. Touch the pieces of pottery you've found and be knocked out with their artistry. 

Be in wonder. Fall in love over and over again. 

Sleep deeply. 

Wish you never had to leave. 

Check list completed. 

Love...Ms. Moon 


  1. Hah - We keep our Scrabble scores and comments, too :)

    Yes, you are definitely having a good time. That is GOOD.

  2. What's the game? That seems like a good to do list. Enjoy. xoxoxo

  3. Thanks for bringing us along again.

  4. oh this brings back so many memories of the beach house (on the bay side actually of the west end Galveston Island that my parents had built when I was 12 or 13. We as in us three kids finally sold it about 10 years ago because that part of the island got too chichi and the property taxes became too much of a burden. I miss it though. those walks on the beach...I remember telling people who weren't used to it to remember that as far as they walked, they still had to walk the same distance to get back.

  5. Your time on Dog Island sounds very rejuvenating.


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