Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Reveal

Still gray and drizzly here and I still don't mind it one bit.
I am still a bit gray and drizzly myself or perhaps "grizzly" would more accurately describe things. But it was lovely to go outside and take a few pictures.

The roses which I never did get around to pruning don't really seem to care much.

When I went to check eggs I saw something I'd never seen before and I had to blink my eyes several times to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing and I was and it was Miss Chi-Chi with her head under Miss Mabel who was sitting on the nest. 
Excuse me? 
Chi-Chi pulled her head of out Mabel's ass, as it were, and they began a little tussle for the prime egg-laying spot. 

Although I do not understand what it is that causes one spot to suddenly be the spot to lay, I am convinced that there are reasons. People who say that chickens are stupid are...stupid. I'm listening to Oliver Sacks' autobiography and when he did one of his first experiments on living creatures- chickens- he came to love them and suffered greatly when they died. And thus, I love him even more, that precious man, may he rest in peace.

The garden is in transition. After I cook tomorrow's greens, the mustards and arugula will be coming out, the collards soon to follow. They are bolting. 

But the potatoes and peas and beans are all looking swell. 


Rattlesnake beans. 

The wisteria is starting to purple.

The figs are putting out little figlets. 

The mulberries are going to be ripe soon but I couldn't get a good picture of them. 

And so it goes. 

Mr. Moon and I just took all of the potted plants back outside which is quite a chore and we will miss our hallway jungle but it's time and what a perfect day to set them out again with this gentle rain. 
Now, of course, I have to clean all of the floors where we tracked dirt with our shoes and the dolly but so it goes. 

And here's a picture I just stole off Facebook. 

He's got two teeth now and is working on a piece of celery. I'll take him carrots for his Easter present. 

From the reviews I've read about the Stones concert in Cuba last night, I take it that all went well. Perhaps half a million Cubans showed up to witness that historical event. As Mick said, forty years ago, their music was forbidden on the island. Of course that didn't stop anyone from listening any way they could and the forbidden is always more delicious but what an incredibly cool thing that Cubans finally got to see what they've been missing. 
I hope they taped it and that I'll get to see it one day too.

All right. That's it. Those floors aren't going to clean themselves and the greens aren't going into the pots themselves and the carrots aren't going to pick themselves and that nap I'm planning on isn't going to take itself without my help. 

Gold Rings On Ya...Ms. Moon


  1. Spring has arrived, there and here, too. Pink buds on the trees along the avenues here, and the sky is cobalt blue. Happy Saturday, sweet friend.

  2. I'm on the gulf coast, packing. We sold our fifth wheel, bought a park model, so have to move some stuff to storage and some to take home. It's currently 91 and sunny, and I'm sweatin' like the Mexican I am. I've been hearing that Mick and the boys were well received, and was hoping the same as you....that someday we'll see it on TV. Well, back to sweating!

  3. we're having more normal temperatures for this time of year...thank goodness. I have new raised beds filled with bought vegetable garden mix dirt and my tomatoes look like shit. they aren't growing, aren't blooming and if they are they aren't setting fruit and the leaves are small and shriveled looking. WTF!

  4. It seems like the weekend for pictorial blog posts, doesn't it? :)

    It's a shame the bolting veg have to come out. They look so pretty with those yellow flowers. I'd be tempted to keep them, which is why Dave says I'm a terrible gardener.

  5. Figlets! That photo of the garden orb is enchanted. Reminds me of the movie Labyrinth or something.

  6. Spring! Figlets! Toothies! :)

  7. Angella- We have had beautiful blue skies lately but this gray one giving us rain is a sweet blessing.

    Catrina- I love the fact that the weather here is still a bit cool. So very nice. And I feel certain that we'll be able to watch the concert. It was a big expense for the Stones to put on, I'm sure, and being the businessman that Mick is, he's going to want to recoup a bit of that. Which is fucking fine with me!

    Ellen Abbott- I have no idea. After all of my years of gardening I really feel like I don't know shit about it and that it all has to do more with the weather and luck than anything else.

    Steve Reed- They ARE pretty flowers, aren't they? But I want to get some nice field peas planted. Maybe a tomato or two. Need the room.

    Ajax- What a wonderful movie! Can you see me in the orb?

    Jo- ALL the good stuff.

  8. Part of the season change is your reporting in from Lloyd. The winter greens come out. The spring greens go in. The potted plans come inside then go back outside on the porch. I love it. Still looking forward to the yearly picture of the first clitoria.

  9. The photos of Chi Chi and Gus were enough. The others were nice too. Your writing was the candle on the cake.

  10. Saw on TV young Cubans not even born when the Stones were touching our teenage dreams, coming out of the concert with huge grins singing Satisfaction. Hope the Pope has come to terms with it. It was l think A GOOD Friday in Cuba. Maggi x

  11. Everything is green here. The garden is doing well. Have to get a few of those garden photos up. Cuba--I want to go there before it is ruined by our stupid capitalistic society.


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