Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's Another Holiday. Let's EAT!

Well, there's your Lloyd Easter right there. Got your eggs, got your carrots. Although no bunny rabbits were involved as far as I know.

The greens are back on the stove, the ham is in the oven and I have a loaf of bread hopefully rising. Our dear friend Mark who traditionally spends Easter with us was not able to last year due to health problems but he's coming today and he expects the ham, the greens, and the bread and dammit, he calls me "Mom" and I want to make him bread. He's been through hell and he's slowly making his way back out of pain and misery and stepping out a bit into the world. He's never even met August or Magnolia and he loves babies and they love him. So that's what I'm mostly looking forward to today- celebrating Mark with so many people who love him.

The rain is still coming down and in a few hours we'll be driving over to Lily's which has become the family meeting place. We were just there last week for Gibson's birthday and the week before that we were all together for May's wedding and this is the most gather-up family you ever met outside of Mormons. Which we definitely are not. We drink WAY too much coffee and adult beverages to ever think of being Mormons and none of us are overly fond of regular underwear, much less the magical kind.

But Lord knows we love to eat and we love to hold babies and we love to hug and we love to laugh and we love to giggle and we love each other, the ones we are blood-related to and the ones we are heart-related to and I guess I'll go fix up the boys' Easter baskets I'm bringing them and there will be no Easter bonnets involved in our celebration, no crosses and all of the Good News will be of baby teeth and better health and the fact that Lily is making the Famous Pineapple Cheese casserole and I would wish such goodness and love for all of us.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Sounds like a great day. It is pouring here and thundering. Not a good day for a horse ride. But good for the garden.

  2. I love that photo! Enjoy your people. xoxoxo

  3. Hee, underwear :)

    So it'll be a commando Easter for y'all? Well, that's as much of a Spring celebration as I can imagine. Have fun!


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