Friday, March 11, 2016

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

That beautiful woman. She's the one. Who saved my life.
I tried on the dress I bought the other day and it simply would not do. No way, no how. You have to understand- it was nine-thirty on the night before the wedding. I melted down. I didn't scream or cry, I just went completely blank.
What the fuck was I going to do?
And so Lis stepped in and made me try on a dress that she'd brought with her- cut velvet, navy and then she brought a garment out of my closet that I love but forget I have that is a tunic thing, also cut velvet, in yellow, and it worked. It worked so beautifully and it felt good.
She took care of me like a mother, like a sister.
And now she's playing guitar right here beside me.
I can't even tell you how much I love her.

All right, pictures from today.

Ladies buying flowers. 

Rehearsal. All my kids, right there. 

Michael already displaying excellent husband skills. Listening. 

The two dads. 

Our dear, beloved Katie who is officiating tomorrow. And oh yes, her first time to meet Miss Maggie. Maggie adored Katie and gave her so many beaming, goofy baby smiles. 

I love the way they still look at each other. 

Hank- holding a baby. Of course. As he does. 

It was some day, y'all. Massive Costco shopping, loading, hauling, unloading, putting away, rehearsal, pizza, music, bouquet-making. People meeting people, families meeting family. 
Owen got cornered and kissed by the flower girls who are at least three years older than he is. 
Well. He'll never forget this night. 

Time for bed. Big day tomorrow. There will be a lot of kissing. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I will be thinking about you and your beautiful family tomorrow. xo

    You probably won't get around to answering this but what does Hank's tattoo on his neck say?

  2. That's a big day. No wonder you needed saving.

    May tomorrow be beautiful for you all. I love your family though I've never met them.

  3. It will be a wonderful joining of hearts tomorrow. I will be thinking of May and Michael and the moon family and beaming love.

  4. Hank is just so comfortable looking with those babies. It will be a beautiful day! You will be beautiful!!

  5. I'm so happy that you feel happy in your outfit. I can't wait to see the photographs of this upcoming special day.

  6. all love and blessings flow to you and yours on this glorious day.

    <3 from the feral mitten,


  7. it will be a beautiful event and you could show up in coveralls and everyone would love you and be happy you were there just the same.

  8. this is all so exciting and navy and yellow is an exquisite combination and by bog I love weddings with my whole stupid heart MORE PICTURES!!!!!
    love from the Big Gray

  9. Vibrant faces. So sweet. I love Lis already.

  10. I am so excited for May and Michael and you and - well EVERYBODY! Seeing that picture of Lis reminds me how much I have missed seeing her. It's a gorgeous day with a shining sun and balmy temperatures - how did you plan all that, too?
    Love to all

  11. OMG, this is beautiful beyond belief...
    the words, the photos, the tangible love...
    every bit of it.
    And Lis to the rescue, once again!
    I'm wishing the most incredible, tender, joyful Wedding Day
    to May & Michael & to all who love them so dearly.
    Blessings upon all of you!

  12. Have a wonderful day you lovely all! I'll be thinking of you, too. x

  13. Mary Moon and Mr. Moon , I hope your children have lots and lots of many children . This world needs GOOD people, Family folks with good values .We need good people like your kids and mine of course .Debra from upstate

  14. Many happy wishes to all tomorrow!!!

  15. Navy and yellow are beautiful together. So many are with you and yours today in spirit, sharing in the joy and the well-wishes from afar. Can't wait to see the pics!


  16. Love it, love it! Hope it was a magical night!

  17. I'm so happy for May and Michael and your whole beautiful family.

  18. Hooray for Lis, saving the day! What are good friends for, after all?!

  19. Birdie - it says "choose your own scars."

  20. Hank - That is a great quote and a great reminder.


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