Thursday, March 10, 2016

Meandering Through The Rapturous Madness

What wedding?
Will there be mice?

So it's a very windy day here in Lloyd and I have Lon and Lis coming in tonight and thank god. Lis knows me all too well and she will be here to hold my hand and look me in the eyes and take care of things and by things I mean me. Also, other stuff. 

I have to tell you that the last six months have been amazing. August's birth, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Magnolia's birth 

(And oh, by the way...)

Owen breaking his arm, Mr. Moon going through all of those tests...what am I forgetting? And this wedding is the denouement of all of that. 
And this is going to be a joyful and beautiful wedding and I think I am doing pretty well at setting aside anxiety as best I can and just going with it. I know that May has done everything in her power to not stress me out. She is the loveliest love. She truly is. And the next two days are going to be filled with so much fun. Flower shopping and decorating and a rehearsal dinner with pizza and musicians and mani-pedis and getting dressed and crying and laughing. 
There will be pictures!

Life is just the busiest thing, isn't it? And for those of us who do not handle stress that well, be it bad-stress or joyful-stress, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed but if we take it all one step at a time, one moment a time, and take the TIME to stop and breathe, to give thanks for every drop of the ecstatic insanity, we will be fine. 

Now, in an unrelated and yet somehow related topic, I am finally reading this book:

I can't recommend it enough. If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety or love or live with someone who does, just READ IT! It's short, it's written purposefully, I think, for people who are suffering to easily take in. No. It will not cure you. But it will help you. I promise that. And best of all it will make you realize that you are far, far from alone. 

I'm going to go hang clothes on the line. I am staying home today to take care of what is mine. I am remembering to breathe and to focus. I am gobbling up all the joy I can. Life is short. Here we are. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've been MIA, and didn't realize May's wedding was coming up so fast! She'll be beautiful. I'm glad Lis is coming. Love and thinking of you all.

  2. I can imagine how breathless you must feel -- that's a lot of life and living in a short time. Nearly all the "big ones," too --

  3. Mary, if you knew how on time that book recommendation is today, as our family deals with the psychological crisis of a beloved young friend, a boy who is not like, but *is*, family. Ordering the book now.

  4. Wishing you the best.
    Wind stresses me out sometimes. I hope the wind there blows your stress away.

  5. Mary is has indeed been an intense six months. Even happy events can be stressful. I think you will be surrounded in love and family this weekend.

  6. SJ- How dare you go MIA? Haha. Love you, woman. So much.

    Elizabeth- I know. Pretty crazy. And yet, here we are.

    Angella- I hope it helps. It is clear and simple and hopeful. Love to you and to yours.

    Denise- Well, we don't get wind like y'all do, I think. It's mostly just a blustery, happy sort of wind. Unless we are getting a hurricane or a huge storm with tornadoes in which case wind stresses me out a lot.

    Leisha- I know I will be surrounded by love this weekend. But you're right- even the most joyful of events can be stressful.

  7. I'm going to have a look for that book for my loved one. Thank you.

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  9. No offense, 'best thesis writing service,' but if you've read anything here, you'd see that Ms. Mary Moon is dripping in style and design. As for format, I, for one (who most likely speaks for all) am perfectly happy with hers.

  10. LOL Catrina^^

    I haven't heard of that particular Matt Haig book, but it sounds inspiring. He's a wonderful writer. (As are you, even without the assistance of Best Thesis Writing Service!)

  11. I destressed over the past few days but am now back to the world. And I have a hankering for Mexico or Cuba. My gypsy soul is piping up again.


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