Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Getting There

Okay, okay, okay, we are going and I am trying to remember to breathe, breathe, breathe.

All will be well. I have already packed the non-cold food and now I need to pack my clothes (overalls, tank tops, no bras) and my pillows and my meds and my books and also the ice chest stuff and my toothbrush and so forth and we'll load everything up into the truck and onto the boat and we'll drive down to Lanark Village where we put the boat in and take everything in the truck and put it in the boat and take that across the bay to the island and dock the boat and haul everything out of the boat and onto the old vehicle we have parked there in the parking lot of rusting-out old vehicles and drive to the house and go up the creaky dangerous stairs and open up the house which has shag carpet and which smells like a wooden house that has been baking in the sun for eons and also sulfur water and haul everything up those creaky dangerous stairs and hopefully, there hasn't been a huge power outage rendering everything in the refrigerator gross and stinky and gone, gone, gone and put things away.

That's what the island looks like from the air, places so thin you can throw a seashell from Gulf to bay.

I am thinking I am too anxious to go and then I think of how bad it was yesterday and yet I took a walk, voted, took care of my chickens, went to town, did the shopping, went by the library, stopped and saw my daughter and Maggie and Gibson and came home and unloaded everything and picked greens for the trip and did so much laundry and made a supper and posted two blog posts and did the basic household chores and I survived all of that and I am so much stronger than I know. I am not crying today, not yet, and if I do, that will be okay too.

I need to get busy.

I'll post from the island if my cellular data thing works on my iPad. Or phone.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time there.

  2. sometimes getting somewhere seems like more trouble than it's worth but once there we know it was.

  3. I hope you're able to post and I look forward to reading about your adventures there!

    Sometimes anticipating a journey is harder than actually taking it!

  4. We have a cottage some distance from our main residence and years ago when we had two small children and two cats and my husband worked long hours it was me who was responsible for getting all the dependents and all our stuff to and from that cottage, and cleaning up the accumulated flies and cleaning out the fridge and so on. When I was home I never wanted to go to the cottage and when we were at the cottage I never wanted to come home. It was a LOT of work! But we have some good memories of those years, and it was easier and more to our taste than taking trips to other places.

    I hope you have a good trip and a restful time when you are there. It looks like a beautiful spot from that photo.

  5. I bet anxiety can't find its way to that beautiful place! I hope for tranquility and beautiful days and nights. Not wearing a bra will bring you much peace, I predict. It does me.

  6. What a beautiful place! I hope it does your spirit good.

  7. Your first paragraph is anxious. Stay in the moment. Stay where your feet are. xo

  8. Bloody bastard anxiety be gone !!!! Dear Mary , I hear you . It makes everything so bloody hard . The island looks beautiful and I hope that your anxiety abates and leaves you in peace . It is exhausting though getting ready to go away . So many things to do ..... X

  9. It was a scrawny dog they named that island after.


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