Thursday, March 3, 2016


This has been one of the fullest and sweetest days of my life.
From this little snuggle boy and his sweet little snuggle sister

To this sweet little snuggle boy, all cozied up in my bed under my down comforter with big bears. 

As I tucked him in to watch a movie while the grown-ups ate supper, he asked, "Do your kids like this cover?"
"They do," I said. "Especially Gibson."
And he was so happy. 

And so am I. 

We are such perfectly imperfect humans who do the best we can. God damn. Sometimes I love us so much it hurts. And when we meet together and share hearts together and stories together and food together, well...that's it. That is it. 
Right there. 

Yolie made this and gave it to me. 

She said she wanted to leave something here from them. 
And I say- when they go, they will have left part of their hearts in my pocket. But I am so happy to have that to keep on my wall above my bed. 

I am humbled and I am grateful and the frogs are singing and the wind is blowing now and the rain is coming in and there is thunder and it all feels just exactly right. 

Love...Ms. Moon


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