Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dog Island, March 2016

I swear to god I just lost a huge and fucking profound post I was writing. Jesus. It was going to go down in the annals of history. 

Oh well. We are here and I'm doing pretty darn well. I had a bit of an epiphany and something good turned in my heart. 
At least it feels that way. 

Mr. Moon just caught a sizable redfish in the surf. 

He is happy. He released the beautiful thing back into the waters of the bay. We have plenty to eat. 

It's almost sunset time and we are sitting on what is left of our little tiny beach. Turns out there was a bottle of my favorite Bacardi anejo rum here and we're having a delicious Cuba Libre. The wild Rosemary is blooming everywhere and the bees are happily buzzing it. I picked a little bouquet for the coffee table. 

The pines are full of pollen and the temperature is perfect. We have new sheets on our bed. 

The sentinel pines have not yet been killed by the oh-so-definitely rising sea levels. 

It is beautiful. 

Beach sculpture. 

Our little shack. 

Holy fuck! What a miracle if I can truly learn to put away the ghosts and love this place again. 

It is so worthy of being loved. 

As are we all. 

Love... Ms. Moon


  1. Ohhhh, the healing power of beloved places by the water... May your dreams be sweet.

  2. Oh Mary! This makes me so happy for you! You've captured it with these photos, it looks divine. Glen looks so happy.
    May you both have a perfect time and soak deeply in the waters of love and peace.

  3. gorgeous little place! The sand looks so scrunchable! Glad you are getting a breather!

  4. How happy and relaxed Mr Moon looks sitting in that chair on the shore. Essence of being at the beach.

  5. I came here all surly as hell because I was just working on my income taxes and have to pay this year. But you put it in perspective. It will all be OK.
    I am so glad you are lighter this afternoon.

  6. What a lovely time. I'm truly happy you can love this beautiful place and enjoy being there.

  7. Thanks for the pictures. I'm currently fighting with my gym to cancel a membership and it's making me hyperventilate and have an irregular heartbeat because I am so angry. Looking at Mr. Moon's smile has made me calm down. Thank you.

  8. Peaceful photos.....joyous husband smile. Enjoy!!!

  9. Your husband looks SO happy! I hope you are smiling too :)

  10. Nice fish! The water looks so clean. We drove over to the Cocoa area today and the Indian River lagoon has a brown tide bloom going on, I have never seen the water look so dirty. One day I will live near the Gulf, somehow someway. Gail

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  12. Your husband looks so happy in that place! I hope this means you are smiling too. May your heart be light, sweet woman, and your dreams peaceful. You are in such a beautiful place there, and your photos capture its magic.

  13. Mr Moon looks so, so happy! It looks like he really needed this place you're in. It's beautiful with the cottage right up from the water. A little dream house. I hope you are relaxing peacefully.

  14. Everytime I lose a huge and profound thing I was writing, I feel like the universe is telling me to be quiet. Of course, I personalize everything!

    Beautiful peaceful place.

  15. Our bees mob the rosemary bushes here too. Between the buzzing and the rosemary fragrance, i sort of wish i could crawl in the center of it just for the unique sensory experience. (Does the buzzing of a bee in your ear feel so strange [in your spine? on your skin? how do you describe that feeling?]). It might be awful, but some weird part of me might totally like it. At least for a minute.

    Also, what Sarah said!

  16. It looks perfectly beautiful. May the sound of waves soothe you and lull you into a peaceful sleep.

  17. I'm sorry you lost your profound post, but this one is pretty wonderful too. That place looks incredible.

  18. Oh, I hope so, Mary. I hope you find some sweet peace by the sand and the sea.


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