Saturday, March 5, 2016

Being Here Now And Remembering Being There Then

Now ain't that a pretty sight? Two men who have just successfully completed a truck-related task standing in front of the cherry-red truck itself with the redbud blooming behind them. That is one fine and fancy truck, y'all. I feel so good that Scott and Yolie and Kaleb are going to be pulling their Airstream behind it.
"Does the truck make the man?" I asked Scott when he pulled up in the yard this morning.
"It does!" he said and his eyes twinkled and I think he's pretty proud of that red beast.

Jessie and August did come out and we got the old walker from upstairs and Jessie cleaned it off and we put that boy in it. He liked it.

I think he was pretty darn excited to be in a standing position and he twirled the little twirlies and scooted around a bit. We brought him out to the porch and by the time he tired of it, he had real and actual dirty feet for the first time in his life. 

Look at that gorgeous foot! Oh my god. I had so much fun with him today. My body is awash in oxytocin from all of the hugging and kissing and cooing and laughing and nuzzling and silly noises and tongue-sticking-out communications. 
Mr. Lizard. 

Mr. Beautiful Mr. Lizard. 

After the truck project was completed and Scott left with a bag of garden greens and a bouquet of camellias for Ms. Yolie, Mr. Moon and Jessie and August and I went to Monticello to the Tractor Supply to look at chicks. Sadly, they only had a few and they were all the same and despite their darling cuteness, we decided to wait until there's more of a selection. They'll be getting a big new bunch of them on Wednesday and we'll go back. I got the fever bad. I guess there just aren't enough babies in my life already. 

Speaking of which, here's a picture Lily sent me of Magnolia from Owen's T-Ball practice. 

They'd been to a little Easter photo shoot before the game and Maggie is wearing her pretty Easter dress. Doesn't she look thoughtful? Or is she meditating? Look at that hand. Look at those lips, shaped like like an angel harp. Just study that for awhile and you too shall receive a nice hit of oxytocin. I promise you. 

And so it has been. Garrison Keillor himself is on Prairie Home tonight and I'm about to heat up some leftovers. Tomorrow I think I will work in my garden and I can't come up with any better life that I could be living and my great, good man is working out in that garage of his doing something and the frogs have tuned up and are in the second movement of the Frog-Almost-Spring-Symphony and I am wearing a sweater and have bare feet. 
For the moment the anxiety and depression have departed and they are singing Michael, Row The Boat Ashore on Prairie Home which reminds me of sitting around a campfire in Girl Scouts with Carol Edwards and Joanna Corley playing their guitars and singing that very same song, the fire snapping and sending sparks up to the black, infinite, star-hung sky and then Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, their voices harmonizing and rising up with the sparks and as corny as all of that sounds, it was a moment in time for my life and I will never forget it and I am so glad I was there for it and so glad I am here for this one and all of the ones that keep flooding my heart with peace and with goodness. 

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. Dirty little feet, rings of dirt around their necks, and hair smelling of sweat......aren't grandbabies wonderful???

  2. this post is an incredible balm

    thank you dear Mary


  3. ps. when I sat in the new car today I called my son and told him there's room enough in the back seat for two babies


    Bad Mother

  4. Little Magnolia is such a wee little girl. I love that she is serious and a thinker. She is going to have some interesting things to say with all that thinking. Please give her a kiss on her downy head for me.

  5. Well, I think I did get a hit of oxytocin. (Do men even have oxytocin? I have no idea.)

    Anyway, I love your imagery of the campfire. I can see the swirling sparks and hear the singing, I guess because I sat around similar campfires at Camp Indian Head, the politically-incorrectly named summer camp I attended as a kid.

  6. I am just the tiniest bit jealous of your new friendship with the Tearfuls, and way more happy to see it happening! And the pictures are just the sweetest.

  7. that August is just a dream and it's about time his feet got dirty. And Maggie is so sweet. I should have had more children than the two I had. More girl children to give me more babies.

  8. Those babies. Beautiful. And soon there will be chicken babies too. And imagine the names Owen will think of this time.

  9. You have the most beautiful children and grandchildren. Sorry to have been absent. So busy and not much into writing these days. Life is good.

  10. Catrina- Yes. The very best.

    Rebecca- It was a very balmy day. And dreamy. And as to the backseat- my dreams of a Porshe are so long gone...
    But. It's okay.
    And you are a GOOD mother. Sometimes children need to be reminded of their duties.

    Angella- My version of heaven. Right here.

    Birdie- I will! She is here now.

    Steve Reed- I think men have oxytocin. I hope so! I went to Camp Wildwood. Politically correct.

    Elizabeth- Such a sweet thing that has happened in my life.

    Ellen Abbott- Yes. You should have planned better.

    Jill- We've already started that naming process. Mona Lisa is going to be the name of one. Also, Nicey Jr. N.J. for short.

    Syd- It makes my heart happy to think of you being busy!


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