Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pretty Babies

The boys have their wedding shirts now and Jessie has her wedding shoes and August is going to be wearing a hand-me-down guayabera from his cousins.

Gibson hung in there pretty well at the mall. He liked the mirror at the shoe store. 

The concept of two Gibsons fascinated us both. 

Then Lily and Gibson and Maggie and I met Hank for lunch. 

We joke that we should make a Facebook page called Hank Holds Babies. Have I already told you this? 

Forgive me if I have. I am old and I am forgetful.
Gibson loves some Hank too. 

Hank is a kind and gentle soul. I am constantly blown away by my children and now by my grandchildren. It's all about the love. We wring out every damn drop of it and somehow, there is always more and more. And then some more. 


  1. Such great pictures today - I love the one of Gibson with his mirror-twin, wow! It really does look like two little boys. And that's a sweet, perfect picture of Hank and Magnolia. Darling faces!

  2. I am beginning to think I am overly fascinated by babies toes. But look at August's! Holy crap they are cute.

    Two Gibson's sounds like lots of fun!

    I think it's the wringing out that makes more appear.

  3. Nice to see Hank. You can tell how much he loves those babies and how much they love him!

  4. What Birdie said - the toes!

    Learned 'guayabera' - woulda guessed fruit.

    I love those little bellies.

  5. Beautiful pictures. It's hard to tell for sure, but do I see a fair bit of resemblance between Gibson and Hank?


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