Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Is YOUR Super Bowl Ritual?

My friends from out of town called this afternoon and told me that they were not going to be able to come by until tomorrow, which was fine. I'd already gotten a quiche in the oven but it will still be good tomorrow. And so I had an empty afternoon to fill.
I am an American, supposedly, and have the birth certificate and all to prove it, and as such, I think it was decreed by law that I have to perform some sort of ritual for Super Bowl Sunday. So, since I had the spare time I decided to go do some much needed grocery shopping and then go by Lily's house. She is actually hosting a Super Bowl gathering at her house. The reason she is doing this is a long story (she cares about football about as much as I do) but she is cheerful about it because nothing makes her happier than finding delicious recipes on Pinterest and making them. Especially the party-type foods. While I was at the store, I texted and asked if she had the ingredients for my favorite party food of all times, which is the Velveeta/Rotel cheese dip for tortilla chips.
She did not, so I bought them, not because I planned to be at the party but because (and I should be so ashamed of this and I AM NOT) I wanted a bite of Velveeta. Look- I love good cheese. I mean, GOOD cheese. Goat cheese, stinky cheese, aged cheese, runny cheese- I love them all. And Velveeta isn't even cheese by definition but I still like it tremendously and of course I don't allow myself to buy it but today I had an excuse and I took it.
I put all my groceries in the car and stopped by the library to return a book and then drove to Lily's where I got to give Magnolia a bottle and kiss her pretty little face about a thousand times and watch the boys do amazing jumping tricks from the coffee table to the sofa and then I chopped a few onions and peppers for Lily's Philly Cheese Steak sliders some Velveeta.
I also had a bite of Lily's guacamole which was delicious.

Then I came home and watched this:

I believe that watching this video from a documentary about the Stones playing Super Bowl halftime in 2006 is my Super Bowl ritual. I remember watching their performance live, ten years ago. My across-the-street neighbors were here to watch the game and their (then) young daughter was here to watch it too. The build-up and anticipation as the stage was brought out and assembled in five and a half minutes (watch the video- it's awesome) was tremendous and even young Sarah was caught up in it until the camera focused on Mick and Keith's faces as the first chords were struck and she turned to her mama and said, "But they're so old!"


I'll never forget.

So. My Super Bowl ritual is complete. I had a bite of guacamole and I've watched the video and to make things even more Super on this Super Bowl Sunday, I believe I will watch this:

Because...Bruce! 2009. Clarence Clemmons was still alive and the E Street Band rocked it more in twelve minutes than any other band in the world could have rocked it in twelve hours.
If you can watch this without at least doing a little seat-dancing, call your doctor. Please. Because you need help.

So. That's my Super Bowl ritual right there. And Mr. Moon just sent me a picture of him at Lily's house. This is what he's doing:

I hope he gets some of the queso dip and guacamole. I feel certain he will. And maybe a chicken wing. Or two. I hope Gibson's okay. He's been a bit confused about this party, thinking that it might actually be his birthday party which isn't happening for another month and a half but for which he is in deep and profound planning mode. 

Oh life. It's all so funny and I am so grateful for the rock-and-roll parts of it, the pure-love baby parts of it, the family parts of it, the Velveeta Cheese parts of it, the friends and family part of it, and all of the loving parts of it which come together.
And let me say this- I have no idea who's playing the Super Bowl halftime tonight. It ain't the Stones and it ain't Bruce and there probably won't be a wardrobe malfunction. 
How boring. 

Wish I had some more Velveeta. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Velveeta and Rotel dip is one of nature's perfect foods. I love that stuff.

  2. Right well once again you inspire me Mary Moon. Have not been commenting here or FB or anywhere due to ongoing medical issues resulting in emotional and mental health decline. I still read all you write though. Oh Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce. That was just glorious. Wow. I am a huge football (soccer) fan. a Liverpool supporter who has spent many a glorious afternoon at Anfield Liverpool watching the mighty reds and singing You'll never walk alone and more with the Kop Choir. Google if you want to know what I mean. I have heard of the Superbowl but have to admit I did not know till now if it was Football of Baseball. Liverpool FC now owned by the same people who own the Boston Red Sox and I didn't know if they were baseball or football when they first came to Liverpool. My American friends enlightened me. But I did not know till I clicked on your link that things like that happened at a game! I knew someone sings the Star Spangled Banner to start but I did not know they had people like Bruce at half time. How brilliant. Were the people standing on the pitch in the middle of a game. Have mercy I am English Would never happen here! Three of my fave E street songs too. Was it really only 12 mins? And Little Stevie and Bruce were just glorious. Made me think of the Sopranos when Tony Soprano asks Christopher why he is late and he says. "The Highway was jammed with broken heros on a last chance power drive" Classic. Yet again I want to be an American from New Jersey and now I want to go to the Superbowl too. Thanks so much for lifting my spirits Mermer Moon. Maggi xxx

  3. I think it's lucky I'm in Europe because I hadn't even realised this Mega Cup was on.
    I feel bad for Maggi. I think I may be in a similar spiral myself. x

  4. Our Super Bowl ritual is to ignore it completely!

  5. no superbowl rituals besides ignoring it completely. but why didn't you go to the party?

  6. I am with Steve. We ignored it. Other stuff to do. Someplace not too far from here, I'm sure the bars were full and people were mesmerized. Football remains the opiate of the masses.

  7. So sweet :) The kiddie stuff. Superbowl stuff is not really on my radar.

    Though I know it was a performance from Coldplay, who I like, but left people underwhelmed (pr bored, even) and Beyoncé. No Bruce or Stones, no.

  8. Allison- You are correct! Add in tortilla chips and you've got the perfect meal!

    Maggi- Oh no! I am so sorry things are not good for you! I am so glad that I could share the videos. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday is like a major American holiday. Even people who don't like football watch the game and the new commercials (yes, this IS America!) and the halftime show. Except for those of us who hate football and the rest of it just isn't worth it. The snacks are always good. But not good for you! Wonderful quote from Little Stephen from the Sopranos! Miami Steve Van Zandt.
    Thank you.
    I hope you feel better in all ways soon.

    Mwa- Sweetie. Oh, sweetie.

    Steve Reed- You should at least make Rotel dip. Do they even sell Velveeta in England? Probably not.

    Ellen Abbott- Haha! I just needed some time by myself. The family understood.

    Syd- I think it's more like the crack of the masses.

    Jo- I am too old to have an appreciation for Coldplay. That is just the honest truth.

  9. My Super Bowl ritual is to hate on it even more. I do love Velveeta/Rotel dip with fritos, though. Maybe more than god.

  10. In fairness, Coldplay are widely despised for being middle of the road and middle class and limp, presumably.


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