Saturday, February 13, 2016

No News Is Not Necessarily Good News And, Boys In Trucks

Well, Rusty is still not down from the tree although Jason and Mr. Moon worked through most of the afternoon to try and get him down. They finally managed to get a rope thrown over the branch next to the cat and via that, hoisted up a bin with tuna in it (an entire can) which is tied off and waiting for him to jump in to be lowered down.
So far though, he has not taken the bait. He is meowing and I know he doesn't want to spend another night in the tree but how do you communicate instructions to a cat who is up a tree and probably terrified? We feel certain that a coyote or something of that ilk must have chased him up there or he would never have climbed that far.

Lily and Magnolia and Lily's friend Edie went off and ran errands for awhile and Owen and Gibson and Edie's son played in the back of Mr. Moon's truck for at least an hour. Maybe more. They found straps to "fish" with and made up games and stories and pretends. I love it when kids do that.

Gibson didn't want his picture taken. So. Fine. 

And that's the news. I went out and picked some greens for salad and two of the first beautiful carrots. 

Last night we had a walk-around with our martini and as usual, bemoaned the lack of sunlight on the garden due to all the trees but we ended up saying that all-in-all, the winter garden is the best and it gets enough sun and that's worth it all in the end. The trees lose their leaves in the winter which gives the garden a few more hours of light than it gets in the summer and greens just do well here and now I know that carrots do too.
Beets- not so much. 
Oh well. Mr. Moon hates beets anyway. 

Well, I see that Justice Scalia has died and I'm a horrible person because I am grateful for the fact that Obama can nominate and seat a less conservative judge. 
So be it. At least I admit it. 
But I have to say that anyone who believes that the Constitution should be strictly interpreted from the Founders' point of view has to have a few problems with logic. I mean, they wrote a good document...for the times. They couldn't possibly have imagined a world like the one we live in now. They were rebels and liberals and crazy idealists for the most part and I doubt they would have sided with the likes of Scalia now anyway but hey! That's just one woman's personal opinion and let's face it- I am no constitutional scholar. 
But I am sorry for Scalia's family and that goes without saying but I'll say it anyway.

I hope Rusty gets in the bin. It's going to get cold tonight and I honestly don't know what else can be done to get him down. He sure can't jump that distance. I mean, he could, but I don't think it would be a happy ending. 

I'll let you know.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I had a neighbour help me rescue a cat from a tree once, then the bugger ended up another tree a couple of years later and must have fallen or jumped out because he ended up with a broken pelvis. He was fine but would get constipated and barf. Cats.
    I'm in such a funk today but the sun is shining and I have music blaring so you'd think I'd perk up.
    I'd kill for a fresh beet right now.

  2. Fire departments do rescue cats from trees...
    The most delightfully trivial non-fire fire department rescue I ever read of in a local paper was getting a little boy's thumb unstuck from the top of a Hershey's chocolate syrup can. Yay, firemen!

  3. I think the bin idea for getting him down is brilliant. Now, will he take the bait?

  4. likely Lily and Jason will awake tomorrow morning to find Rusty at the door begging to be let in. At least, I hope that will be the case. Look forward to the positive news
    Susan M

  5. My sister put the news of Scalia's death on fb with the heading 'Wow...shocker!' - and I have to confess I just thought, do overweight Italian American men from Jersey tend to live long past their seventies, as a rule? I dunno, maybe they do when they have excellent private health care. I'm not sure there's anything to be sad about here, either. Nobody's going to debate his wishes for cremation - dude gets to keep his bodily autonomy - lucky him.

    I'm so impressed Jason and Mr Moon got the rope over the branch! I feel the tuna will win out in the end. If not, call the tree surgeons tomorrow?

  6. Bravo for rigging up that bin, but I suspect that Rusty will be able to descend when the time comes. I don't have much experience with cats up trees, but I think if they can get up there, they can generally get down again. They just have to be hungry enough to overcome fear and want to try!

    Those carrots are so VIVID.

    Scalia...pffft. I am with you on the Constitution. People in England don't understand the reverence Americans have for the Constitution. Our neighbor used to suggest we throw it out and write a new one!

  7. if he gets hungry enough he may jump in the bin but it will probably happen when no one is around. hopefully, he will eventually get his courage up and climb down. as for Scalia, condolences to his family but the Supreme court is well rid of him.

  8. I am not the least bit sorry and am flat out of condolences. Love, Glimmer

  9. Hope that Rusty finds a way to get over being so high minded. He is far up there!

    As far as Scalia, I suppose that he must have been okay personally because he had a gaggle of children and was great friends with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who I think is really cool. But his law opinions were opposite to what I believe. So if the President can appoint a more liberal or even a moderate, it will be a vast improvement.


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