Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh! Technology will make our lives so much easier!

I am alive. I am in tech hell.
But. I think I figured out a work-around until I figure out how to fix my aol account. This involves a gmail account. This, in turn, involves a fuck of a lot of fussing and fighting and fixing.

Okay. Obviously this is not really working.

I hate this shit.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Very little is more capable of making me crazy than computer problems. My sympathy!!

  2. Make other people do it for you! Just ... accept it as the privilege of one over in their sixties. Ugh, I sympathise.

    Except, gmail is good.

  3. I can't remember my password to my hotmail account so I cannot sign in to clean up my mail. Of course, I never clean it from my iPad. Anyway. This haunts me.

  4. I love technology when it works, but like the little girl with the little curl, when it's bad it's HORRID. Good luck.


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