Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bitchy McBitch Bitch

I'm in a foul mood and just wrote and then deleted a long post about the service we got today at a restaurant which rhymes with Bolive Barden where we went because we were hungry and wanted soup and salad and we thought that would be quick and easy.
Let's just say that we all left in a foul mood and barely made it to pick Owen up in time when we'd thought we'd have time to shop at another place before that.

Let me also say that although I am quite aware that being a server is one of the most thankless, underpaid, difficult both mentally and physically jobs there are on the planet, some people should just not try to be one. 

But all of that is not really why I'm all funkified in the soul and it's all pretty stupid and I'll be fine but I'll tell you this- I'll be glad as hell to get in bed tonight. As bad as my dreams will be (and oh! they will be bad, trust me!), at least they'll be a change of scenery.
You know what I mean?

Lily just sent me a video of Magnolia June smiling at her daddy and I got to hold her and her cousin August some today and that was lovely and Gibson let me pretend he was my baby at breastfeeding group because everybody had a baby but me (and no, we did NOT breastfeed) and then we pretended at lunch that he was Mermer and I was Gibson.
"Can I play with your phone?" Gibson asked Mermer.
"No!" she said.
"Can you buy me a toy?"
"Can you hold me?"
"No. You too big."
"I don't like being Gibson," said Mermer/Gibson.
"Okay," said Gibson/Mermer.

And we switched back and all was well.

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good night, dear Mary. I wish sweet dreams for you tonight. Let's meet somewhere in that netherworld and have a good laugh together, and wake up tomorrow feeling serene. Love you, friend.

  2. Love your title. And "Bolive Barden". And pretending to be Gibson and vice versa. I've played that game before (when my kids were small). It's pretty funny. Looking forward to playing it with our grandson.

  3. I think your saving grace is knowing you are bitchy but have the grace to know you are bitchy. But personally, I really doubt you are all that bitchy.
    I am wishing you either sweet dreams or a sleep without dreams.

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  5. I only hope that you have sweet dreams tonight x

  6. i think this is a first mary moon, it looks like you've been porn spammed.....

    i know what you mean about being a server- i certainly don't have it in me to be that polite to assholes (be it other staff or the people i have to wait on).


  7. Upside: you're no longer anxious!
    I'm going to play that role reversal with my grandies next time they visit!

  8. Enjoy bed! I have hours to go before I'm allowed in mine.

  9. You know, it's better keep away your heart from such things. There are a lot curious things around us to switch to. Just be the kind friend to yourself.

  10. Some days are made to go to bed in, alright. I hope you sleep comfily and that your dreams let you rest.

  11. I hope your dreams turned out better than you expected. :)

    I love how willing you are to "roll with it" when the boys propose a new game. You are the best Mermer!


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