Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This Is Not My Beautiful Country

The gas man came this morning and thank god because it's cold and the heater's been running constantly for days even though I have the thermostat set at 61 degrees. I have such mixed feelings when this guy pulls up in his big tank truck. On the one hand- we won't freeze, on the other hand- he's the grouchiest, unhappiest man I've ever met. He simply refuses to participate in basic human interaction and don't even bother saying, "Good morning" or "Thank you" because he ain't answering.

Well, fine. We're not paying him to have a tea party with us.

But I can't help wondering who beat every molecule of joy out of this man. Someone surely did.

So. Do you have your country of choice picked out in case that business man with the black soul wins the presidency? I do. Thank you, I'll be in Mexico. Because if he's elected, that will mean that this country has truly become a place where I just don't want to live.
What? How? Shit. Fuck.
I thought it was a joke. Come on, people! Let's get to the punchline! Tell us it was all a joke, Donald! It's time! You're scaring us!
Well, he's not scaring me as much as the people voting for him. They're scaring the shit out of me. My fellow Americans...
On the positive side, if he does get elected and builds that wall between Mexico and the U.S., I'll be all the more protected from my insane former countrymen.

Aw, Jeez. I just don't know. I don't know shit and it's cold although it's blueskies as far as the eye can see and I thought I'd lost Miss Mabel but then I found her (she was lost but now she's found) and I need to go take a walk but I just can't seem to make myself and it's one of those weepy days where I mentally crack the cat-o-nine-tails over my naked back repeatedly, chanting, "I'm a loser, I'm a loser, I'm such a loser," and okay, Billy sent me this yesterday.

Yeah. That's about it.

Fucking Off Now... Ms. Moon


  1. Lol that picture. You are a ton of use to me. I come here when I'm happy but also in my dark hours to know I'm not alone. You are my sister soul.

  2. I believe we are going to Italy. They're losing population, so hopefully a couple of retired people who won't want to take jobs and will spend some money can get long term visas. My fellow Americans are scaring me to death with what they are applauding. I thought we were better than this.

  3. John Gray- I pray you are right but the fact that he's gotten this much support stuns and horrifies me.
    And embarrasses me as a citizen of the world.

    Rebecca- Love you too. Thank you.

    Mwa- YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Sister Soul.

    Allison- Fantastic plan. I, too, thought we were better than this.

  4. no way Rump can be president, there just can be no way! He is just decoration for fools, he says more about this country than is feasible - I am shocked that they have all come out of the woodwork in droves! Given the go ahead initially by Bush and Palin and now this RUMP! This country is in such sorry shape, I have no qualms about leaving.

  5. In our last provincial election there was a woman running named Christie Clark. She is a right wing bitch from hell and nobody thought she would get in. She did. I was so angry that I have learned to never say never with politics. But you are right, it is more scary that he has so many people agreeing with his hate, intolerance and racist ideals.

  6. And you do know you are not a loser, right? Not by any stretch on the imagination.

  7. I swear if he wins I'm going with you. And the highlight today is your kitty. I had a pretty kitty with similar colors named Opie. He died nearly 3 years ago. He was my heart.

  8. What crazy universe have we entered that a Donald Trump is parading about as a viable candidate for president! Makes me weepy too.

    Well, not to be trite, I hope you feel better soon my love. Bundle up against the cold, and I'm not just talking weather.

  9. Linda Sue- You know, I thought that two terms of GW Bush was as bad as it could get. Boy. Was I wrong.

    Birdie- The lowest seek the lowest and they find them. In spades. It's just...unbelievable.
    I'm probably not a complete loser but sometimes I feel like it. Thank you for telling me that I'm not.

    Joanne- Isn't Maurice a pretty kitty? She brings me a lot of pleasure.

    Angella- I am. Bundling up in all ways. Thank you, my dear sweet sister.

  10. I guess I'm already in my country of choice, though if it were truly a matter of CHOICE I think I'd be in France. But the UK has its crazy politics, too -- not as crazy as Trump, but crazy just the same. (France too, now that I think of it.)

    I really think all this will work out fine in the end. The extremists will be jettisoned from the race at some point, and we'll be left with Hillary and...someone.


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