Monday, February 29, 2016

These Are Special Days, Indeed

Well, Mr. Tearful did not go down to Ocala due to circumstances beyond every one's control but I still got to see him and Yolie again today and now we're making plans to go to the Junior Museum tomorrow with ALL of my children and the grands. I'm even trying to convince Lily to keep Owen out of school so he can go too. I never was a big believer that kids had to be in school every time the doors opened and I know for a fact that many of the days I let my children stay out to do other things are the source of some of their best childhood memories.
It was a rare occurrence which made it all the more special.
But I do not want to cause Lily any emotional distress.
And she is the mama. Not me.

So. I found my coobie bra today. All of the mysteries have been solved. I found it when I was looking for a pair of pants I was missing. Found those too.

Note to self: When something is missing, look in the space between the stove and counter and/or in my shirt drawer. 

It might be that I need to organize my life a little better.
You think?

It's been a good day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

I just feel so damn lucky.

And here's a picture that pretty much sums it all up.

Jessie and Vergil took August to meet his great-grandmother. Vergil's grandma. She has always been extremely important in Vergil's life and she was there the night that I believe my daughter fell in love with her grandson. At the rehearsal supper the night before their wedding, she told me the story. How all these different ladies had set their cap for Vergil at the Swannanoa Gathering which Jessie was attending due to the efforts of her fairy godparents, Lon and Lis. There was a dance and when Jessie and Vergil began to dance together, all the other girls just had to step back.
And the next day, I think, I got a message from Jessie saying, "I met a guy..."
And here we are.
Jessie said on Facebook that she kept trying to just hold August up so that his great-grandma could see him but that she just kept reaching her arms out to him. She wanted to hold him.

Scott and I agreed today that it is so good that we have met in the "meat" world as Rebecca says. 

There are many worlds. Probably more than we can imagine. 

But there is nothing like the great good grace of being able to reach out and actually touch the warmth of people we love, no matter if they are blood kin or some other, more mysterious kind of kin. 

When I am truly, truly old- if I should live that long, which I doubt I will- I hope with all of my heart that someone brings me a baby to look at in the eyes, to share all of that which cannot be said in words, and then to hold him or her. 
And to be able to touch and be touched by those I love. 

What more could any of us ask for?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a beautiful photo of little August and his great-grandmother!

    I agree with you about keeping kids at home when something good is happening. Family time is important. Why, some of my very best memories from early childhood are of my grandfather insisting on keeping me home from school so we could go fishing together (with cane poles!) I certainly wouldn't have remembered any of those school days I missed!

  2. Family time is much more educational than spending the day in school. My daddy used to go to the credit union in July, take out a loan, and take our family on a two-week vacation. My brother and I got a little testy when we didn't get to play khoury league baseball and softball a couple summers. But I look back on those vacations now as the fondest memories ever. He'd pay that loan off during the year, then do it again the next. My mama kept a journal,of expenses. In 1965 a day's worth of meals, gas and motel came to $12.90! Wonderful memories!

  3. Great grandma knew exactly what she wanted! I'm so glad August was cooperative. I remember at age five my great grandma was very,very old and wrinkled and I was scared to death of her. She did not speak English. I only went near her when she gave me windmill cookies. Luckily August is just in that state of wonder, not fear. These are precious photos.

  4. the looks on Great Grandmas face.....and Augusts......says it all. Nothing finer than that. Made me choke up seeing the love and connection.
    And Owen definitely should shun school tomorrow!!! Hope Lily opts for that- I trust she will
    Susan M

  5. The times my niece took her baby/toddler to my dad's nursing home (the only baby in the family at the time), it was wonderful to see not only his reaction but all the residents' smiles and interaction. A baby just brings out the best in most people. It's so nice that Vergil's grandma got to hold Gus.

  6. For some reason this post makes me tear up. Life is so beautiful there. Take pictures tomorrow! I do hope Owen gets to go too.

  7. Babies are magic. Seeing all of your grandbabies makes me want another one. One day Owen and Gibson and August and Magnolia will bring their babies to see their Mermer and you will have the same look of love and reach out in joy to hug them and kiss their little cheeks. I think all of us here can agree with that truth. ~Sarah in Columbus

  8. Wow, those pictures are amazing. Both ends of the spectrum, all those years of experience in the great-grandmother and all the newness and potential in August.

    It DOES make a difference to meet a fellow blogger face-to-face, as I well know. :)

  9. Why shouldn't you live to be very old? I plan to.

    I have a friend who calls our bodies 'meat suits'.

    Touching is healing. That's why we hug those who are sad or suffering or just to show our love.

  10. I also have precious photos of my mother holding her great-granddaughters. Both my children feel extremely luck to have been able to experience their beloved "Grandy" interacting with their children. Before my mom died almost 3 years ago, she said, "When I die, don't cry. Haven't I been lucky? I've seen and lived though so much, I've helped raise my grandchildren and laughed with my great granddaughters. What more could anyone ask for in this life?" She was so right, as always. Let us all hope we can experience that kind of joy now, and in the future!


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