Monday, February 8, 2016

Lloyd Life

Incredibly beautiful morning here in Lloyd, cold and getting colder.

The hens are already busy having gifted me so far with one white egg, one green. 

I have to run to town to sign a lease, run back home and greet my company. People I have known since before Jessie was born. 

I feel so very, very lucky. A pretty pearl of a day in the long, long strand of jewels which is my life. 


  1. Yay for your good day! I'm cheering for you. x
    Also thanks for your kind words that I so needed today.

  2. cold in the wind and shade. heck. cold in the wind but nice and sunny and the shop warms up fast. working on the mountings for the magnolia leaves today. getting tired of ruminating about how I want it. now just ready to pick something and go with it.

  3. Cold here too. A raging fire going. Doing my best to keep warm.

  4. Mwa- I have been thinking about you all day, hoping things are better.

    Ellen Abbott- I bet your brain has picked out the exact way to do it.

    Syd- Going to get cold here in the next few days too. Argh! My blood is too thin for this!

    Angella- I did!

    Jo- So clear it was this morning. And crisp. Really lovely.


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