Saturday, February 20, 2016

Time To Get This Show On The Road

Well, it's Saturday morning and I have approximately seven hours to make this place look like something other than a daycare center which is about to be closed down by the health department.
A daycare center which allows chickens on the porch.
One of the Chi-Cha's is pecking away at the cat food as we speak, her beak hitting the little blue bowl with a ringing crunch, crunch.
It's going to be a bit of a culture shock for my friend when he gets here. He's been at Seaside all weekend which is a "planned community" a bit west of here. It's where The Truman Show was filmed. It's...hard to explain.
Let's just say that Seaside is to Florida what pornography is to love.
Or something like that.
Anyway, I seriously doubt that any of the porches in Seaside have chicken shit on them.

Mr. Moon has gone to town to collect Vergil. They are hopefully going to finish up this roof project today. They have beautiful weather to work in and Lloyd is peaceful and easy this morning and I better get busy with a broom and a mop. I had to buy a new mop bucket yesterday at the Big Lots and Gibson tried to talk me into buying him a bucket too. He "needed" it to go fishing with his Boppy. We convinced him that Boppy already has a bucket.

Here's a picture Lily sent me last night. You can't believe the Voodoo I just had to employ to get it here.

She gave me permission to use it on the blog. She trusts me. She trusts YOU. She accompanied the picture with a text saying, "Hard to have date in night when this happens immediately after work."
Poor Jason. He had a headache.
I texted her back, "Daddy just vacuum sealed a bunch of sausage. Romance is in the air."

Well, all of this is life. Not a bright, shiny approximation of life but real life.
And you know what? Romance often happens under just such circumstances.

At least in my experience.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Life in abundance. Is there anything more sublime than nourishing your baby. I remember my infant girl used to stop mid feeding and just look up at me and smile happily. I absolutely melted.

  2. You're a domestic goddess. Maybe ill sweep up the litter that the fetching cat has strewn about, but mopping?! hm, no, probably not. Also, you're hilarious and i'm glad Lily let you share her picture.

  3. So I went to the Seaside real estate site. Jeezus!!! Who can afford $2.3 million for anything???

  4. Lily is a braver woman than I. There was no date night for a very long time in our house, post baby.

    At least Maggie looks happy.

    And Lily has beautiful boobs.

    I'm sure she'll be smiling again soon :)

  5. it's the little things that show someone cares, not the grand gestures.

  6. Angella- Yes! Those moments of such milky bliss were the absolute best of my life.

    Ajax- She wouldn't post it on FB but she said I could post it here. She knows what a sweet community we have. I am so glad you are part of it.
    And listen- I can't even remember the last time I mopped around here. I used my broken bucket as an excuse for months.

    Catrina- My friend told me that he met a guy last night at Seaside who said that there are only four actual full-time residents there. It's all smoke and mirrors. And a gorgeous beach.

    Jo- Thank you for all of that sweetness, Jo!

    Ellen Abbott- You are completely right. And it's the little things that add up and destroy a relationship, too. Usually.

  7. I had a good laugh at chicken shit on the porches at seaside. It gives me a tinge of anxiety to think of someone coming over here right now. Gail

  8. I LOVE the photo. Momma nursing and poppa sleeping through the whole thing. Oh yeah.

  9. Ahhh...that photo of Lily's little family gives me deja vu. I miss my babies being babies. The time just flies by. My youngest just turned 30. *cringing*

  10. Lily is beautiful. There is always something beautiful seeing a mother breastfeeding a baby .

  11. What a beautiful scene. I agree, Lily is gorgeous. I'm glad she trusted us.

  12. Love love love that nursing photo! So beautiful, so real, so true life.

  13. So wait, Gibson was right, you *do* need a bucket? :)

  14. Good luck with the cleaning! I have to finish a big job in my girl's room today and then start on another. We can work together - if a few hours out of sync. I pretend we're on the same time zone.
    Beautiful photo. Breastfeeding bliss.

  15. That is the first picture I've seen of Lily that she wasn't flashing her beautiful smile! Glad to see she's normal! Lol wink wink!
    I spent all day yesterday looking for a set of headphones, cleaning my house top to bottom as I searched. They may have gone the way of your simmer mats, so I'm sure they'll turn up some day.
    I have more cleaning supplies than the average housewife I think. And I should be able to write them off as a business expense, I think.

  16. LOL -- that might be the best description of Seaside I've ever read. (I've never been there but I DID see "The Truman Show," partly for that reason.) I would much rather have chicken shit on my porch than live in that never-never land.


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