Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Love Part

Baby steps today and holding babies and kissing babies and hugging babies and shopping for books at the Goodwill bookstore and cuddling with Gibson and eating sushi and miso soup and the Bento Box with tofu and testing out all of the sofas and recliners at the Big Lots with Owen while Jessie made herself at home right there in one of the cushiest recliners and nursed little Maggie because she is helping Lily with milk and August got to try out the world's most comfortable sofa at the Japanica and I bought a beautiful 1955 edition of The Illustrated Treasury Children's Literature for two dollars

and I swear that this boy

grabs my face and mashes his pretty mouth on it. 

When I got home I was so tired I had to sleep for awhile and when I woke up my mind was still (is still) mushy as an old mango left too long in the bowl before being peeled but somehow I can still make supper, which is a good thing.

I am doing my best, I am doing my best, I did my grocery shopping and got everything on my list even though I forgot to bring my list which looked like this

after being added to and added to and it's okay to forget the apples or even the Crystal hot sauce but don't ever forget that love part. 

I don't think I will. No matter what. I don't think I will.


  1. Is it my imagination or is that little baby boy the BRIGHTEST looking baby ever?

  2. That list is awesome. Mr. Moon is quite the catch!

  3. Mr Moon left you those notes on your grocery list didn't he?? I love his love notes to you. And the babies, well, you know how much I loved seeing Maggie yesterday and August yesterday and hearing about Owen and Gibson. I've found that when you feel sad, I do too. My day is impacted. I know I can't do anything but love you from afar and send positive vibes and must wait with you until it passes but I want all good for you. So there that is. I'm glad you had a day with your loves today.

  4. baby love, my baby love, I need your love, oh oh I need you.

  5. Angella- He really has no idea how much I look forward to his notes. My day is so much sweeter when I find one.

    Elizabeth- Well, I think he looks like an obvious genius but I am his grandmother.
    He's so ALIVE! Probably because Jessie and Vergil have responded to every sound, look, gesture, and change of expression he has ever made in his entire life.

    Steve Reed- Yep. I snagged a good one.
    A big one, too!

    Joanne- Yes he did. I feel bad that my bad days make you feel bad too. By now you know that I'll get over them. I always do. You are so sweet. Always Sweet Jo.

    Maggie May- Aren't they? The slobbery warmth of them is just the most wonderful.

    Mwa- Yep. I'm awfully lucky.

    Ellen Abbot- Love that song. No one like Diana Ross.


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