Monday, February 29, 2016

Extra Day? So Confusing.

Where has this day gone and where is it going? I do not know. But I just got good news about our darling friend in the hospital and things do not look as dire as they did yesterday for which I am incredibly grateful and we are all breathing a sigh of relief.

Sheets are on the line and Mr. Moon and Mr. Tearful are going to meet up here soon to travel together down to central Florida for a possible truck-buying. The Nomads need a new tow-vehicle. Funny how these things work out.

Jessie and Vergil and August are back at home, safe and sound, and Lily has taken Greta back to her humans. The camellias are giving me more blooms and the tea olive is blooming again. The Bradford pears which I thought would never lose their leaves this year are already plumping up their bare limbs with buds. It is time to go find new baby chicks, I think.

I did not watch five minutes of the Oscars last night. Three minutes of watching someone get an award was enough for me. I had no stomach for the humor which, in trying to address the racial inequality seemed to make it all even worse. That's probably just me, though.
I can't believe our country is still so stuck in this place. In some ways, it is worse than ever as certain political candidates call forth people to show their true colors, no pun intended.

Oh well. La-di-dah. I'm not solving any world problems today.

It's Leap Day, right?

Go ask someone to marry you if you feel so inclined.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's so fascinating that Tearful and Yolie are just part of your non-virtual world now.

  2. I couldn't watch the Oscars either. Right there with you. The humor made it worse for me.

    Hey--I asked someone out today! But I got shot down. Oh well. Nothing lost in trying. Happy Leap Day.

  3. So glad the news wasn't so bad for your friend. Maybe it's the extra day this month, but I've been a bit 'off' all day. But my honey knows just what to do....he's taking me out for my fried oysters and Carolina Cole Slaw. YUMMM!

  4. Nuts, I just wrote a huge rant about Oscar stuff, but I wasn't signed in. Ah well. Boobs, duct tape, no one cares about women for anything else, it seems, Chris Rock misfiring, proud dad expressions on L DiC's competitors' faces - I love Bryan Cranston and Michael Fassbender. That was more or less the gist. Also, I sooo dooon't caaaaare about the Oscars either. Watch the clips, it's all anyone needs!

  5. I didn't watch the Oscars and so didn't see the humor. I normally think Chris Rock is hilarious, though, so I wonder if I would have liked it? I'll wait until someone puts together a "highlights" video! (There probably already IS one...somewhere...)

  6. I read another blog called Stonekettle Station and his current post is about Donald Trump's America. it is so right on and so sad and disheartening. what the fuck has happened to this country.


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